Monday, May 31, 2021

Firearms Free Zone – Sign & Sky 10

Fig 01- Firearms free zone sign

I never interest to own guns or any dangerous weapons for whatever reasons, hence, I don’t know about licenses or rules to have one.

Just few weeks ago, I saw the sign at University lake of our city:

- Firearm free campus zone

I search through internet: what is it mean?

Louisiana State legislature imposed restriction to carry a firearm or a dangerous weapon in areas:

- school property

- school transportation

- at school-sponsored functions (athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities)

- in specific design areas

- within one thousand feet of any school campus

- in a firearm-free zone

Fig 02- Yellow daylily in the garden 

Fig 03- Afternoon sky in our city

Who violated this rule, both students and non-students will face quite harsh sentences:

- shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars

- or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than one year nor more than five years, or both.

This rule makes me more and more discourage to have firearms or dangerous weapons.

I don’t understand why “so easy” to access guns or dangerous weapons in the USA!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Rattan Products in the Market – Economics 17

Fig 01- End product of rattan.

Rattan plant is a vine like plant which grow well in tropical forests. There are about 600 species of rattan worldwide.

After certain processing, rattan canes which is more durable and strength be used as material in a wicker weave.

South East Asian countries are well known as rattan producers and play an important role in global trade.

The countries include:

- Indonesia
- Philippine
- Myanmar
- Vietnam
- Malaysia.

The global trade of rattan and bamboo is estimated US$ 60 billion per year. The trade is between producers in South East Asia to Buyers in Europe.

Fig 02- Rattan basket sold in the market

Fig 03- Another end product of rattan

Fig 04- Rattan dining patio set sold by Walmart

Compared to plastic, sure, price of rattan end product is expensive. Just for an example:

- small plastic baskets cost less than US$1, whereas rattan material could reach more than US$ 15.

Some of the reasons why rattan end products expensive:

- strong
- durable
- workmanship standard
- quality

If we look after and avoid from outdoor elements (such as rain or wet), rattan furniture may last from 5 years to 10 years.

Do you have rattan end products at your home?

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Is Eating Papaya Good to Boost Immunity? - Health and Medicine 23

Fig 01- A half ripe papaya

We buy papaya sometimes, either in Walmart or ethnic groceries such as Mexican and Asian shops.

One of Mexican groceries always sell fresh, sweet and sure cheaper papaya compared to other groceries in our city.

It is because the fruits come from farms directly to the grocery. The farm locations are in Mexico and other South America countries.

Is Eating Papaya Good to Boost Immunity?

There are plenty of foods could boost immunity. In case of fruits, some of them are:

- papaya
- citrus fruits
- kiwi
- blueberries
- apple
- pears

Fig 02- Chopped ripe papaya

Fig 03- Slices of medium ripe papaya

As reported by Healthshots (24 March 2020) that papaya is the best to improve immune system, because its contains double of vitamin C needed daily.

Papaya also contain other vitamins which important to strengthen immune system such as:

- A
- B
- K

Have you ever consumed papaya?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Mexican Hat is a Good Flower to Attract Butterfly - Pet and Hobby 22

Fig 01- A Mexican hat flower with green stalk

What interesting of a Mexican hat flower?

I like to see its leafless stalk, look like a “peak” of Mexican hat at glance. Its colors could be:

- green
- brown

The flower has scientific name Kalanchoe daigremontiana, formerly called as Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

In addition to Mexican hat flower, its other common names are:

- mother of thousands
- alligator plant

From internet searching, the native of this flower at least come from three different places:

- American Midwest
- North Mexico
- Madagascar

Fig 02- Brown stalk of Mexican hat flower

Fig 03- Several Mexican hat flowers in the garden.

Mexican hat flowers can be found in almost all states of America and even to several states of Canada

The blooming is around mid summer until fall, about two months. The plant produced flowers with colors of:

- dark red yellow
- brown
- orange
- yellow

Since its rich of nectar and attractive colors, people grow this flower in the garden to attract:

- butterfly
- bee

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Soccer Summer Camp in Our City

Fig 01- A sign for soccer summer camp in our city

There are plenty of summer camps every year, from almost no cost to cheap to reasonable cost to most expensive one.

I noticed some reasonable cost of summer camps in our city just for few hundred bucks or less. These camps include:

- gymnastic
- learn history of plantation
- painting and designs
- horse riding
- orchestra
- dance
- social empowerment
- soccer

It seem that soccer summer camp get more attention in recent years. One reason that American women won 4 times FIFA world cup championship.

Fig 02- Schedule for register and camp

Fig 03- Green in the small corner

What do kids learn from soccer summer camps?

First, they will learn basic skills, tactics and techniques to play soccer. Then focus on:

- passing
- dribbling
- shooting
- heading
- attacking
- defending
- ball control.

Kids usually develop their advanced techniques and tactics as their growing in age and experience.

They will realize their potential after a while, and decide whether to pursue as a professional player or just a hobby.

I enjoy to watch soccer game, no miss world cup championship. How about with you?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Beignet - from France to Acadia to New Orleans

Fig 01- Beignets with sugar

Beignet is a French form pastry, and quite similar to doughnut. Popular in Louisiana, especially in New Orleans.

This French fritter is the official doughnut of Louisiana state. It came from France to New Orleans through Acadia, a region in Canada, then spread across Louisiana.

Many Louisianan consume its as a dessert, we usually eat beignet with a cup of Café au lait.

We may buy “classic” or “origin” beignets in one of oldest coffee shops in New Orleans, called as Cafe Du Monde.

The coffee shop was founded in 1862, about 160 years ago. Location is the same, at French Quarter since its established.

Uniquely, this shop opens for 24 hours, day and night. 7 days a week. Its closed in certain holidays only such as Christmas.

Does Coffee shop accept payment by credit card?

Fig 02- A cup of Café au lait

Fig 03- A kitchen in one of coffee shops in Louisiana

No, Cafe Du Monde doesn’t accept any cards.

The shop accepts cash only, like other traditional and old days coffee shops. Beignet cost less than US$ 5.

You might surprise that waiting line about 20 minutes or even more if you visit these hours:

- early morning
- late afternoon
- late evening

Have you tasted beignet?


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Neighborhood Watch in Communities – Sign & Sky 9

Fig 01- A sign of Neighborhood watch in a community.

I saw several signs of “neighborhood watch” in my community. Above sign was old one, need to be replaced.

As you might know that neighborhood watch is a program to bond among 3 parties:

- residents in certain area
- businesses
- policies

This program was initiated by The National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) in 1972, about 49 years ago.

The main purpose is to help residents and law enforcement at neighborhood level.

Now days, it is estimated more than 5,000 local agencies involve in the watch program.

How to involve in neighborhood watch program?

Fig 02- Sky and tower in the city

Fig 03- Flowers in the garden

The programs of neighborhood watch are run by volunteer. The volunteers come from neighbors. Just register to be a volunteer.

Is the neighborhood watch program success to reduce crime?

Since the members are volunteers, the “measure” of success is relate to:

- improving relationship between residents and polices
- giving crucial tips to law enforcement to prevent a crime (robbery or burglary)
- preparing residents to handle disaster

Have your neighborhoods this kind of program?

Monday, May 17, 2021

Seizure on Animals - Parkinson’s Diseases 25

Fig- 01- Geese and ducks

We might know that many animals get seizure, whether pets or wild animals, some of them:

- cat
- dog
- mouse
- bird
- geese

Several months ago, few mainstream medias (Newsweek, MSN and the gazette) reported about 100 geese dead or fall in sick in Coralville, Iowa.

Prior to dead or sick, the geese have symptoms:

- seizures
- difficult to fly
- spin underneath of icy water

CEO of Iowa Bird Rehabilitation (IBR) as reported by KCRG-TV9, said that these symptoms might relate to “neurological problems.”

Fig 02- Geese are swimming on the lake

Since it relates to “neurological problem,” geese seizure might be “Parkinson’s diseases.”

Indeed, animal such as dogs may develop Parkinson’s diseases like human. Loss or disturbing of dopamine neurotransmitters would affect on nerve cells.

Fig 03- A duck at a nearby lake

Then, animals will face difficulty with:

- balance
- movement

Have you seen animals got problems with balance and movements, and even tremors?

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Two Kinds of Tomatoes at Our Backyard – Pet and Hobby 21

Fig 01- Two grape tomatoes ready to harvest.

We have some small projects in our backyard for this summer, one of projects is to grow tomatoes in the plastic pots.

There are two type of tomatoes in our projects:

- grape tomatoes with two varieties
- the cherry tomato

Yes, the size and shape look like the grapes that why we call as grape tomatoes. They are growing and producing fruits well in the environment such as:

- little bit acid (about 6 pH) soils
- loose and nutritious soil
- full sun (about 12 hours under sun)
- some amount of water

The size is small like grape tomatoes, but cherry tomatoes are round shape. It is said that the cherry tomato is hybrid of wild and domestic tomatoes from currant and garden varieties.

Fig 02- A cherry tomato, green stage

Fig 03- The grape tomato, a different variety

Cherry tomatoes are quite sweeter than grape tomatoes. Health benefit of cherry tomatoes like other fruits and vegetables:

- improve healthy hair and skin
- may lower weight
- increasing energy

From saplings to first harvest will take time about two months or little more. One plant and stems produce a lot of tomatoes.

The color changes from green to yellow and then to red by days. Very easy to pick when tomatoes getting red.

We may find both cherry and grape tomatoes in many grocery stores. The price quite reasonable.

Which one do you like? 

Cherry or grape tomatoes?

Thursday, May 13, 2021

May mRNA Technology Create HIV Vaccine? - Science and Technology 12

Fig 01- Foggy street in the morning.

At previous post, we talked difficulty to develop HIV vaccine:

- Health and Dynamic Life: Why don’t We Have HIV Vaccine yet? - Health and Medicine 22

We did have candidates of HIV vaccine, and had been go through several clinical test in countries such as:


- Canada

- Australia

- Thailand

- South Africa

The last clinical trial was conducted in South Africa in 2020.

What was the result?

31% efficacy rate only. Far below minimum 50% efficacy rate for any vaccines before injected to human body

Fig 02- Flowers in the corner

Fig 03- Red flower in the garden

The “failed” previous HIV vaccines have applied following “technology” or methods:

- an inactive viral vector which carry genetic material from different strains in the world.

- a synthetic protein which mimic a particle's envelope protein.

Moreover, as we know that Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA technology which have efficacy rate above 95%.

Now, scientists have considered to use mRNA technology to create HIV vaccines!

Many scientists believe that we may see the result by the end of this year, and even might be quicker.

Let’s wait and see!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Do you Like to Consume Bell Pepper?

Fig 01- A red bell pepper

I often eat bell pepper, but not every day, because I love its sweetly taste. No, bell peppers do not like other peppers in respect to spicy.

No capsaicin in bell peppers, hence they are lower position at the Scoville scale, the scale to measure the spiciness of chili peppers.

Just to let you know, the range of Scoville spiciness or hot scale:

- 100 to 2,500, categorized as mild
- 2,500 to 30,000, medium
- 30,000 to 100,000, hot
- 100,000 to 300,000, extra hot
- over 300,000, called as extremely hot.

In addition to bell peppers, other chilies include in lower Scoville scale are:

- Lombardo chili
- Anaheim pepper
- Golden Greek pepper
- Ancho poblano pepper

Fig 02- Two colors of bell peppers

Fig 03- Orange bell peppers in the market

Fig 04- Bell peppers sold in the grocery

Fig 05- Several colors of bell peppers

As reported by Jeff Csatari (published in EatThis, NotThat, April 29, 2021) that plenty of benefits to consume bell peppers.

Fig 06- Sky in the evening

I just quote some benefits from above article:

- depression prevention
- increasing metabolism and fat burning
- reducing risk of heart diseases
- healthier teeth
- weight loss
- less inflamation
- better vision

From above benefits, depression prevention is the most interesting to me. Bell peppers contain “mood boosting” nutrients such as:

- long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
- Folate
- iron
- magnesium
- potassium
- selenium
- thiamine

Finally, do you consume bell peppers? How often?

Did You See Golden Kiwi in the Market?

Fig 01- Slices of golden kiwi I just saw golden kiwi in the market recently. In case, you didn’t see it, the reasons might be: - golden kiwi...