Thursday, April 29, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccines Clinical Trials for Kids and Teens – Sign & Sky 8

Fig 01- A sign of Covid 19 vaccine study for kids and teens

Current covid 19 vaccines are available for certain ages only. No vaccines for who under 16 years old yet.

You might know the number of death due to Coronavirus infection in the USA that are following:

- 573,000 adult
- 450 kids under 18 years old.

Children consists of 20% America population. 20% means about 85 million of Americans.

Hence, it is relevant for Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna companies to develop vaccines for teens and kids:

- When Will Kids Get a Covid 19 Vaccine? - Virus 32 | Tanza Erlambang Update

So far, both Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna had conducted clinical trials since January, 2021:

- 3000 kids and teens as volunteers
- kids and teens range from 12 to 18 years old.

Fig 02- Moon just appearing on the sky

Fig 03- Our city library.

Moreover, I just saw a sign from an organization called Miridian, has opened applications for participants to involve in study of a vaccine.

A vaccine will be observed in respect to its:

- safety
- effectiveness.

Breaking news, ABC news (April 27, 2021) reported that three kids are joining clinical trials voluntarily:

- two kids of 3 years old
- a 6 months old baby as the youngest volunteer so far.

Hope, these studies or clinical trials will make public more confident and trust to the Covid 19 vaccines.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Colors of Chicken Eggs Naturally - Science and Technology 11

Fig 01- Several colors of eggs.

I know that chicken eggs have many colors in nature, but 3 colors are stick in my “head” only:

- brown
- green
- white

What factors determine eggs colors?

Michigan State University Extension (December 29, 2013) said that genetics which relate to breeds are primary factor to decide eggs colors.

It is facts that 60 breeds are recorded in the USA, and chicken breeds are estimated hundreds, at least 500 breeds in the world.

Hence, not surprising that we might find many different egg’s colors either in the groceries or in the community farmings.

what is the most common egg colors?

White, especially in the big grocery such as Walmart

Fig 02- Eggs produced by a nearby family farming

Fig 03- Chicken as a pet

We might observe some other colors such as:

- brown
- green
- blue- green
- cream
- pink
- blue
- chocolate brown

In addition to genetic, eggs colors are added by pigment called as “Porphyrins.” This pigment is produced from uterus of hen.

Do you favor to certain egg colors?

Sunday, April 25, 2021

No Blood Clots after Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech Vaccines Injections - Health and Medicine 21

Fig 01- Health unit in our city

I believe most of us know about “blood clot” which was occurred after people were injected with a certain vaccine. But, the direct relationship between a vaccine and blood clot is “not clear” yet until recently.

The fact that 185 millions doses of Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech Vaccines have been administered.

No Blood Clots at all.

Other facts of Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech Vaccines as reported by Business Insider (March, 2021):
- no major side effects are tracked
- no safety concerns are found
- the vaccines go through very details scrutiny by regulators
- no severe reactions to HIV patients

Moreover, study had been conducted to observe relationship between infected Covid 19 virus patients and blood clots.

What is the result?

Fig 02- Pretty doll is ready go vaccinated

Fig 03- Trees in front a house .

Actually, observations had been conducted about 6 months ago. Surprising results were reported by Cardiovascular Business (2020):

1) Patients without vaccinated or never vaccinated by any Covid 19 vaccines, then infected by Corona virus
- 20% of patients got blood clot, primary in their veins.

2) Patients with blood clots after infected by Covid 19 virus
- 74% has risk of death

What conclusion can we draw if we didn’t get vaccines?

- higher risk to get infected by Covid 19 virus
- infected patients are highly likely to develop blood clot
- higher risk to die

So, why do some people wait to get vaccines? 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

When Will We Have an Emperor in the Mars? - Art & History 4

Fig 01- Helmets style of Roman empire.

You might know that NASA is planning to send humans into the Mars. The agency has accepted more than 12,000 applicants to become astronauts.

The best candidates of astronauts will be selected and trained both to explore the our Moon and Mars, probably by mid of this year.

In case of sending human to Mars, NASA had developed the basic steps to pursue or has been completed:

- in 2018, a small robotic lander.
- in 2020, Mars rover
- in 2024, will build base components
- in 2025, first astronauts supposed to land on Mars surface.

However, the progress works have indicated that the planned highly possibly to go beyond 2030 to send first crew to the red planet.

You might wonder: what is relationship between human landing and emperor on the Mars?

Fig 02- Tweet of Elon Musk

Fig 03- A bonsai tree, illustration

Elon Musk (the founder, chief designer and CEO) of Spacex, the man who has a dream to be an emperor of red planet in his tweet recently.

Spacex is a private company which has one of its missions to send human on the planet.

The ambitious schedule that first human landing in 2016. Quicker than well known agency, NASA proposed.

In fact, Elon Musk’s Spacex unsuccessful to test its “Straship prototype” several times. The recent failed was last March, 2021.

Starship is designed to bring crews into Mars. Highly unlikely by 2026, five years from now.

Efforts is continued, and history will prove whether Elon Musk will be emperor or not.

We wait and see!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Helping People with Disabilities - Sign & Sky 7

Fig 01- Lighthouse Louisiana.

When I read “Lighthouse Louisiana,” my first thought that this is must be a kind of institution or organization to:

- take care or maintain lighthouses
- fix old lighthouses
- do any works relate to lighthouses around the beaches or isolated places.

Then, I search through internet, in fact that Lighthouse Louisiana is a non profit organization to empower disabilities people by:
- services
- employment
- advocacy

Lighthouse Louisiana “help fund service to people” include in the categories of:
- blind
- deaf
- other disabilities.

Fig 02- Car of Lighthouse Louisiana

Fig 03- Cloudy sky in our city

I think this organization has done very impressive works for community such as:
- to create jobs for blind people
- provide 6,000 services for disabilities people annually.

Interestingly, they have own clinic which specialize in low vision. If eye doctors can’t do the patient’s eyes, then the clinic can help by:

- cope the problems with vision
- maximize low or remaining vision

The low vision therapists may provide training to use of:
- magnification
- visual aids
- adaptation.

Finally, I believe that your areas or cities or countries have this kind of non profit organization. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

US$39 Million per Gallon Liquid – Economics 14

Fig 01- An insect, just for illustration only

All of us might know scorpions, their stings are painful, and few scorpions may kill people.

There are 2,000 scorpion species worldwide, but 30 to 40 species only could cause life threatening.

USA has one species of dangerous scorpion to human, called as bark scorpion, with scientific name is Centruroides sculpturatus.

This species mainly live in Arizona, but also may be found in the areas of:

- New Mexico

- southern Utah

- southern Nevada

- Mexico, include the states such as Chihuahua and Sonora.

Surprising for me that scorpion poison in form of liquid is the most expensive liquid in the world.

Why the liquid price could reach US$ 39 million per gallon (3.8 litter)?

Fig 02- Little palm tree fruits

Fig 03- Green chili.

The reason scorpion venom so expensive is that the poison is useful for medical purposes.

Its venom contains one of important chemical components, namely chlorotoxin. The chlorotoxin able to:

- bind cancer in the locations such as spinal cord and brain.

Hence, scientists and medical professional able to detect exact location and exact size of cancer cells.

Then, scientist may develop the methods to manage and even might cure the cancer.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Hummingbird Trees - Nature and Wildlife 34

Fig 01- A humming bird is sipping nectar from buckeye flowers.

We mentioned a little bit about one of favorite flowers for hummingbirds:

- Health and Dynamic Life: The Attractive Flower to Butterflies, hummingbirds and Bees – Pet and Hobby 18 .

My neighbor told me that hummingbirds ignored her 6 bird feeders of sugary liquid recently.

Instead, they choose nectar from flowers of tree called as buckeye tree. The tree about 12 feet (3.6 meter) height.

The buckeye tree produces red flowers which blooming in the spring and dropping in the autumn.

In addition to flowers, the trees have nuts (seed) that ripe in the autumn. The nuts are small with color of dark brown.

Unfortunately, the nuts contain poison, namely aesculin. The toxic is in the right side of nuts.

Squirrel is the only animal consume buckeye’s nuts, but only a half of nuts. It could be that they know what part of nut is safe.

Fig 02- Another Flowers attract hummingbirds

Fig 03- Red flowers of a Buckeye tree

Moreover, there are many trees could invite hummingbirs, several of them are (please read: Vanessa Richins Myers, published by the Spruce in March 13, 2021):

- Northern Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

- Silk tree (Albizia julibrissin)

- Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo)

- Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)

- Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

- English hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata)

- Crabapples (Malus spp)

- Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis)

- Eucalyptus trees.

What trees or flowers attract hummingbirds in your areas or cities?

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Have you Seen Cube Feces in Nature? - Nature and Wildlife 33

Fig 01- A wombat and his cube feces (credit to VectorStock)

Honestly, I never seen cube or square shaped poops from any animals in the nature.

Actually, a wombat is an animal to produce cube shape feces in the world only. One wombat could produce around 100 feces a day.

This animal look like combines (cross breeding) of 3 animals:

- a bear

- a pig

- a gopher (burrowing rodent).

The size of a wombat could reach:

- 40 inches (102 cm) long

- about 60 pound (27 kg) weigh

The short legs animals are found no other places except Australia. It is estimated, the population mainly concentrates in the Epping Forest National Park in Queensland.

Fig 02- A d├ęcor bear

Not surprise that wombats are enlisted as endangered species with population continue to decline since 1980s.

Fig 03- One of good Indoor plants

There are 3 species of wombat in Australia:

- the common wombat

- the northern hairy-nosed wombat

- the southern hairy-nosed

The facts about wombat feces (sources from internet):

- feces was formed at the last part of intestines

- feces is dry, contain 60% water compared to human feces with 80% water

- cube shape is advantage than round feces to communicate, if placed on top of objects.

Finally, have you seen wombats and their feces in any places include zoos?

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Colorful Iris Flowers in the City Garden – Pet and Hobby 19

Fig 01- A purple Iris flower

I was wrong, in my mind, Iris flower was purple and wild flowers. No other colors and no body had grown them in the garden.

Accidentally, I saw yellow color of Iris in the my city garden recently. Through searching in internet, the result is quite surprising for me that Iris has many colors.

At least, Iris flowers have following colors:

- white

- yellow

- orange

- pink

- blue

- brown.

- purple

- lavender.

Fig 02- Yellow flower of Iris

Iris flower is believed come from Syria, then used by Egypt’s pharaohs to represent:

- power

- victory

Fig 03- Two Iris flowers

Now, Iris flowers are well grown in the regions or areas of:

- European

- Siberian

- Pacific coast

- Louisiana

- Japan

There are estimated 260 to 300 species and varieties of Iris flowers world wide. The flowers are recognized based on:

- forms

- shapes

- sizes

- colors

What species of Iris flowers do you know?

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Can Microchips Detect Covid 19 Virus in the Blood? - Science and Technology 10

Fig 01- Improvement of a little garden in our city, just illustration.

During Covid 19 pandemic, especially at early pandemic, we might familiar with many “words” whether to make us confuse or clear (doubtless).

Some words include:

- PCR machine test.

- testing kits

- vaccines

- microchip (in the vaccines)

Great developments to detect Covid 19 virus infection recently. The improvements are in terms of:

- accuracy

- shorter time to know the testing results

It was several days to even weeks to know the results whether we get infection or free of virus. Today, we need several minutes only.

Accuracy of detection was improved from about 70% - 90% to nearly 100% now days.

Fig 02- Lemon fruit in the backyard.

One of “conspiracy theory” suggested a vaccine contain “microchips” to tracks people (citizens) every moves.

Fig 03- Red chili, just for illustration.

In fact, a vaccine such as Biontech-Pfizer contains the following ingredients (What are Ingredients in the Biontech-Pfizer Vaccine? – Virus 33 | Tanza Erlambang Update):

- Active ingredient called mRNA

- Lipid

- Sugar

- Salts

Moreover, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have developed a microchip to detect the present of Covid 19 virus in our blood.

By implanting the Microchip under the skin, it will give a signal if virus enter our body.

This is a kind of early warning, make the patients could get further examinations and even early treatments.

Yes, this method might end the pandemic soon.

The question then: will people or army accept it? What do you think?

# Some source of readings:

- Daily Mail, April 12, 2021

- Independent, April 12, 2021

- Money Control, April 13, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

High Occupancy Vehicle Parking Only - Sign & Sky 6

Fig 01- Sign for special parking only

At previous post, we talked about parking for Low Emission Vehicles:

- Special Parking for Low Emission Vehicles - Sign & Sky 4.

Just couple days ago, I saw another interesting parking sign: High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Parking Only.

What its mean?

It is a sign which is plotted for vehicles with more than one passengers such as: - big cars

- buses (transit buses)

- big vans.

Two type of HOV parking signs:

1) HOV 2+

- means for 1 driver, and at least one passenger.

2) HOV 3+

- means for 1 driver, and at least two passengers, usually more.

Fig 02- Sky in the city corner, just for illustration

In addition to parking signs, there are also High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in roads and Highways.

Fig 03- Empty parking lot

Not all states uses HOV lanes in the USA. There are 21 states using this kind of lanes. Here they are:

1) Arizona

2) California

3) Colorado

4) Connecticut

5) Florida

6) Georgia

7) Hawaii

8) Kansas

9) Maryland

10) Massachusetts

11) Minnesota

12) New Jersey

13) New York

14) North Carolina

15) Ohio

16) Pennsylvania

17) Tennesse

18) Texas

19) Utah

20) Virginia

21) Washington

How about with your places or states or your countries?

Corn Price Increases Sharply in the Market - Economics 15

Fig 01- Corn with husk in the market. During this time around, we understand that the corn price is lower. We bought corns with price of US...