Friday, January 29, 2021

What is Glioblastoma Cancer? - Cancer 11

A tractor in waiting to work

As of previous post, we talked about using one of diarrhea drugs, Loperamide to control Glioblastoma cancer:

- Can a Diarrhea Drug Called Loperamide Terminate Cancer Cells? - Cancer 10.

Then, the question: What is Glioblastoma Cancer?

This is a brain cancer, known as an aggressive and incurable cancer, mainly in older people. Cancer may create:

- nausea

- vomiting

- seizures

- headache

Who are famous politicians died due to Glioblastoma Cancer in America?

Both are senators:

- John McCain

- Edward Kennedy

Renovation works at our city garden

Thousands of people death caused by Glioblastoma Cancer worldwide yearly. The regions with higher incidence of this cancer are:

- the United States of America

- Canada

- Europe

- Australia

Moreover, the regions with very lower incidence of this brain cancer includes:

- Southeast Asia

- India

- East Asia

In respect to the USA, around 15,000 death of Glioblastoma Cancer per year, and 2 or 3 of 100,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer.

Fortunately, there is possibility to cure this cancer in near future! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What is Negative Interest Rate Mean? - Economics 10

A corner at neighborhood, just for illustration

At previous post, we talked about negative price such as negative oil price around April, 2020, last year. The first time in American history:

- Why Oil Price Goes Negative in the Market? - Economics 2.

How about with negative interest rate?

It means that if we save (deposit) our money, then the bank will charge it. Some banks have specific limit, the charge is applied only to excess cash.

Another meaning that you will get some “amount of money or credit” if you get loan from banks.

What countries experienced with negative interest rates?

Here are some:

- Switzerland, interest rate sits at -0.75% (minus 0.75%).

- Denmark has interest rate at -0.60% (minus 0.60%).

- Sweden with interest rate at -0.10% (minus 0.10%).

- Japan has interest rate of -0.10% (minus 0.10%).

Chocolate covered strawberry

Moreover, a Bank of England, the British central bank is planning to have negative interest rate by February, 2021.

What the purpose of negative interest rate?

The main purposes that bank want or encourage people to:

- spend their money

- invest more into the market

- borrow money from bank to any purposes

These encouragements will boost the economy, based on experience in Japan, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden.

Have you experienced with negative or close to zero interest rate?

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Baby Ferret Entered a Neighbor Backyard - Pet and Hobby 15

Fig-01- A baby ferret in the hand of my neighbor

One of my neighbors got a “guest,” entered his backyard. The guest was a baby ferret.

What make me wonder was what a kind of animal is this. I never saw this animal, and have no idea about its.

By searching through internet, I found that the ferret has scientific name called as Mustela putorius furo.

Interestingly, ferrets moms are called as Jills, and their dads as hobs. The kids called as kits.

Ferrets have the same families with animals you might know:

- minks

- wolverines

- ermines

- weasels

- polecats

- stoats

Fig 02- A cute little ferret

It was domesticated since thousand years ago, some source said around 2,500 years ago. 

Fig 03- A cute ferret in the shelter in my city

The animal then brought to America. It is said as one of popular pets recently. I checked in some of pet shops, the price range from US$60 to US$250.

We may add some couple hundred dollars for additional costs include:

- several vaccines shots

- veterinary examinations

- basic supplies.

Do you know someone has a ferret as a pet? What do you think?

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Can a Diarrhea Drug Called Loperamide Terminate Cancer Cells? - Cancer 10

A painted bottle with flowers, just for illustration

As we know diarrhea is a disease which relate to frequently watery stool due to bowel infection.

Virus is the main cause of bowel infection, well known as “viral gastroenteritis.”

However, infection may also be caused by bacteria in some cases.

Many Over the Counter (OTC) diarrhea drugs are available in the market, three most common use are:

- Loperamide (Imodium)

- Kaopectate

- Pepto-Bismol

Both Kaopectate and Pepto- Bismol contain the same ingredient called as bismuth subsalicylate.

What interesting question is that Can a Diarrhea Drug Called Loperamide Terminate Cancer Cells?

A hummingbird is flying (see the circle), just for illustration

The answer is yes, there are plenty of articles or reports about possible diarrhea drugs to kill cells of cancer.

Two of articles are following:

- A drug for diarrhea can kill aggressive cancer cells (by Mike Wehnes, December 24th, 2020)

- This anti-diarrhea drug can kill cancer (by Knowridge, December 23, 2020)

A new research finding by Goethe University researchers indicated Loperamide could reduce cell of aggressive cancer, namely Glioblastoma cancer.

The Glioblastoma is a deadly brain cancer which “grow and spread” fast. Its infect to mainly adult people, but might also to any ages.

Sure, this is just preliminary result, but very promising. Hope, this finding leads to treatment of Glioblastoma in near future.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Should We Consume Banana Everyday? - Health and Medicine 19

Several organic bananas

Banana is the most favorite fruit in the world. Trade of this fruit in term of value and quantity worldwide in 2017:

- US$ 14.45 billion

- 21.54 billion tons

Many of people consume bananas almost everyday, even some of people, especially in the tropical countries, where bananas are plenty, have eaten banana more than one per day.

Should We Consume Banana Everyday?

Yes, many experts said. Why?

It is because bananas have plenty benefits, some of them are:

- improve bowel movements

- maintain healthy cholesterol levels

- control blood sugar

- good for maintaining a healthy weight.

Bananas are sold in the grocery

Banana is a very healthy fruit, it rich in nutrient sources. A medium ripe banana contains:

- calories

- carbohydrate

- fiber

- potassium

- vitamin (B6, C)

- phytonutrients

- various antioxidants

Banana is one of fruits contain high in fiber. Several other fruits are:

- apples

- berries

- citrus fruits

- pears

- mango

- persimmon

- guava

Do you like banana? How many banana do you eat per day?

Friday, January 15, 2021

Could Scientists Develop Unhackable Computers? - Science and Technology 3

Laptop computer, just for illustration

We may hearing, watching or reading about hacking or data stolen by hackers almost everyday.

As you know, hackers not only access to our computer to steal whatever inside our computer, but they also may control our computer network and prevent you to access our own computer system.

Strangely, the hackers have specific targets, and changed over the years. The most sectors to be targeted in recent years are following:

- Banking and financial institutions

- Healthcare organizations

- IT and Telecom

- Government and Military

- Retails

- Education and research institutes

The legitimate question then, Could Scientists Develop Unhackable Computers in the coming future?

Red flower in the garden.

Several American agencies are developing what they called as quantum computer, and then quantum internet.

The agencies such as universities, national laboratories and federal institutions are trying to connect their computers across the USA with quantum concept.

Some advantages quantum computers are:

- using qubit (quantum bit)

- faster and excellent in decryption and encryption works

Connection among computers and cryptographic capabilities make hackers activities could be intercepted, hence, there is prospect to get online protection and to prevent hacking.

However, quantum computer is in early stages. Hope, we will avoid online hackers in near future soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Woods for Fireplace in the Winter - Nature and Wildlife 26

Pile of woods for sale

I don’t know how many households using woods for heating in the winter in my neighborhood.

In America, depend on the states, some states, especially in rural areas about 25% households rely on woods for heating.

The woods are free or readily available in most rural areas of USA.

It is reported that average Americans use wood products 3 times than average world population per day:

- using two pound woods for average people in the world

- six pound woods for average Americans

However, not all woods are good for fireplaces due to its release smoke which contains “urushiol,” dangerous substances.

In certain level, the substance may be life threatening. The woods may include:

- Poison Ivy

- Poison Sumac

- Poison Oak

Woods with discount price

So, what are good woods for burning. Some suggested the following:

- birch

- maple

- oak

- ash

- most fruit trees

These woods are believed to have several advantages:

- giving us a quite longer burning hours, and hotter

- least pitch and sap

- generally cleaner to handle.

In our neighborhood, the price of 1 chord woods (4 feet x 8 feet size) is US$ 150, plus delivery cost for US 50.

Do you know someone who uses woods for heating in the winter or for any purposes?

Saturday, January 9, 2021

What are Signs of Parkinson’s Late Stages? - Parkinson’s Diseases 22

Frost covered grass field.

We talked about mid and early stages of Parkinson’s diseases at previous posts. Here are the posts:

- What are Early Stages of Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 7.

- The Mid Stage of Parkinson’s Diseases - Parkinson’s Diseases 21.

Then, the final stages is the most crippling stage, some important signs of this stage are:

- patients are not be able to “stand or move” around.

- their mobility depend on using of wheelchair

- patients might need full time assistance to conduct daily activities

In addition, patients at the end stage of Parkinson’s will face with acute posture problems in their:

- neck

- back

- hips 

Bonsai tree, just for illustration

The Parkinson’s patients deal with non motor symptoms as well, they may include:

- hallucinations

- incontinence

- insomnia

- dementia

In case of hallucinations, it is happen if Parkinson’s patients have dementia as well. It is believed due to effect of medications on dementia.

Just to let’s know, some medication for dementia are following:

- Donepezil (Aricept)

- Rivastigmine (Exelon)

- Galantamine (Reminyl)

These drugs are well known to treat dementia with symptoms from mild to moderate to severe dementia diseases.

Take care!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

May an Insect Kill Human with Their Stings? - Science and Technology 2

A bee feeds nectar and pollen of a flower

Murder insects were spotted first time in Washington state, USA in May 2020. The insect is called as “Asian giant hornets” with scientific name, Vespa mandarinia.

The insect, actually native to several regions such as:

- East Asia

- South Asia

- Southeast Asia

- the Russian Far East

The Asian giant hornets have no natural enemies in the nature, but they may affect bee population, because:

- they attack honey bee hives

- hornets kill adult bees

- they are devouring larvae and pupae

One individual hornet may kill about 40 bees in a minute, causes devastating of bees colony.

A wild flower, just for illustration

May an Insect, Asian giant hornets Kill Human with Stings?


The hornets killed 50 people in Japan per year with their stings. Approximately, 1 per million people died in the world due to stinging of this insect.

It is because their stings contain poison called neurotoxin. Painful and severe to human.

The sting is quite longer compared to other insects, about 6 mm (0.25 inches). Single sting may contain 28 times more poison than honey bees sting.

Have you ever seen murder insects in nature? Do you know any dangerous insects?

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Peanuts in the Farmer Market – Economics 9

Sign of farmer market close by our neighborhood

We always buy peanuts, raw or green every summer at our neighborhood’s farmer market.

Peanut is a summer crop, but we may find plenty of boiled peanuts in many places in our city, year rounds.

I think it is a “good” business. Since boiled peanut is one of our state traditional food favorites. Some places sell boiled peanuts include:

- food mart

- gas station

- sea food markets

- restaurants

- Kitchen and bar

- grill and sea foods restaurants

Canned boiled peanuts may be found in many groceries. We bought its in addition to green peanuts sometimes.

Raw peanuts in the market

Our state just have 500 peanut acreages, hence, production so limited. We bought or “imported” peanuts from States such as:

- Georgia

- Florida

- Alabama

- Texas

- North Carolina

- Mississippi

- Oklahoma

Some of my neighbors grow peanuts in their backyard during summer, just for fun or for their kids holiday project.

They planted about 1 to 3 short rows of peanuts. The plants are easy to grow. What we need:

- peanut seeds (green peanuts in the shell).

- fertilizers (organic fertilizers)

- plant the seed about 1 inch deep, and 4 inches apart.

In good condition, from seeds to harvest need about 120 days (4 months). Then, peanuts are ready to consume or dry them for consuming later on.  

Corn Price Increases Sharply in the Market - Economics 15

Fig 01- Corn with husk in the market. During this time around, we understand that the corn price is lower. We bought corns with price of US...