Friday, November 27, 2020

Non Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s - Parkinson’s Diseases 19

Ornaments for home decorations

Motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Diseases has been discussed at previous post: What is the Motor Symptom of Parkinson’s? - Parkinson’s Diseases 18.

Since Parkinson’s is movement disorder, thus Non Motor symptoms are relate to:

- behavioural

- neuropsychiatric

- health conditions

- other non movement problems.

Problems in behavior may relate to non motor of Parkinson’s. Some of them are:

- personality changes

- negative emotions

- moody

- feeling fatigue

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Neuropsychiatric problems are quite wide range disorder, some example of them are:

- depression

- irritability

- anxiety

- less focused and attention

- difficulties in memory and language

- dementia

- slowing in thinking.

Health conditions that might be signs to Parkinson’s diseases are:

- pain

- low blood pressure

- bowel problems

- sweating

Finally, especially at early stages, these non motor symptoms could be treated through therapy and pharmacological approaches.

Monday, November 23, 2020

An Urban Fox Entered Our Backyard - Nature and Wildlife 22

A Fox catches a chicken

I just noticed a fox, I guessed a red fox, about 15 meter distant, entered my backyard in the early morning recently.

The Fox looks at me, I turn look at her eyes, then open my jacket, waving its. In responded, she run away.

It is said foxes afraid with very big object compared to their own body size.

Foxes used to come out from nearby forest (woods) in the dark hours years ago. 

Our neighbors have seen foxes in day light on the streets about couple months ago. It might be they are stress or something happen with their habitat.

There are three kinds of identified foxes in our neighborhood:

- red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

- gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)

- coyote (Canis latrans)

Chicken is one one favorite foods for foxes

It is said that foxes are adaptable to live around human being. They can not be relocated because could make them stress and dead.

Yes, they will eat chicken and little kitten. Just take care of these animals. Foxes mainly consume the following animals:

- mice

- rats

- squirrels

- rabbits.

Actually, I believe that foxes are dangerous animals, thus their out in day light is alarming.

However, one of my neighbors who lived for more than 50 years in our community said that “they have never hurt anyone or anything except mice and rats. They are happy here, just leave them alone.”

What do you think? Have you seen foxes in nature?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Vendors in the City Garden during Pandemic

Fig 01- One of vendors in the garden

After long restrictions, we saw first time some vendors in our city garden during Covid 19 pandemic couple days ago.

Two of vendors are:

- finger licking

- a vendor sells many thing from Jambalaya to soft drinks.

Our city “recreation and park commission” provides opportunity for small business such as vendors to sell their products in special events or festival.

The “special events” or festival could be:

- bonsai show by bonsai society

- festivals (foods and drinks, music, holiday)

- art exhibits

- concert series

- craft and antique shows 

Fig 02- Street outside city garden

From city website, it is said that vendor candidates must file application with “a non-refundable US$10 application fee:”

- submitted 30 day before events or festivals

- processing time is 15 days

Fig 03- A vendor who sell dishes and soft drinks.

We came to the garden to see bonsai and flower shows, around 10 AM, quite early. Not many vendors coming yet.

It is glad to see life is coming back, even though very slow. Hope, vaccine will speed up the normality. Sooner than later.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Have You Tasted Fruits Called as Muscadine? - Economics 6

The grape like fruits, Muscadine

We buy grapes in the farmer market sometimes. Unexpectedly, we noticed the grape like fruit recently.

The shape are similar to grapes, its called as Muscadine, Vitis rotundifolia. Some differences of Muscadine compared to grapes are:

- rounder or oval berry shape

- thicker and tougher skin

- contain about 5 seeds in each fruit.

- flesh is clear and translucent

Many colors are found in the market, we believe common colors are:

- light bronze

- pink

- purple

- black

- light green

Muscadines are hanging over the branch

This fruit is native to America, grows mainly in the areas of southeastern and south central USA.

It has been cultivated since 400 years ago, and able to grow from hot to cold climates in the states such as:

- Florida

- Texas

- Oklahoma

- New Jersey

- Delaware

Unfortunately, it is reported that just 12 of 50 states sell Muscadines in the market, but not in regular basis.

There are “huge” opportunity both to grow and market this fruit. A good source of income for farmers.

Based on simple facts and economic estimation:

- new target markets will be no or less competition, and even to be expanded to nearby foreign markets such as Canada and Mexico.

- ten acres may produce 100,000 pound of Muscadines

- 100,000 pound means US$ 200,000.

Finally, have you tasted Muscadines? What do you think? Do you like it?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Abdominal Pain is One of Ovarian Cancer Subtle Signs – Cancer 7

The vintage Singer sewing machine, illustration only

At previous post, we know 3 most dangerous cancers in the USA (please read: Some Famous Persons Dead because of Pancreatic Cancer - Cancer 6):

- lung cancer

- colon cancer

- pancreatic cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth dangerous cancer for women in the USA. No less than 13,000 women dead due to this cancer. More than half is older women, 63 years old and older are affected by this cancer.

Some general symptoms:

- increasing belly size

- urinary changes

- feeling full quickly when getting meals,

- feeling fatigue

- constipation

- change in period cycles

Succulent plants, just for illustration

Luckily, the cases of ovarian cancer have been decreased, while survival rates are increasing in recent years.

However, this kind of cancer known as “a silent killer,” because:

- show few symptoms only before reaching deadly stages.

- grow unnoticeable.

It is said that persistent pain in abdominal is One of Ovarian Cancer Subtle Signs.

Then, a woman with following signs must visit a medical doctor as soon as possible:

- persistent abdominal pain more than 12 hours or reach to two weeks.

- have more than one sign of common signs.

Finally, take care, healthy life style and cancer free.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Swans and Geese in the City Lake - Pet and Hobby 10


Fig 01- A white swan surrounded by geese

We have noticed that many migratory birds arrive at one of our city lakes during cold seasons. Sometimes, they came as early as October.

The migratory birds may include:

- pelicans

- geese

- flamingo

- heron

I guess there are many permanent wild animals in the lake. Sure, fish of course. Others are:

- white swans

- ducks

- turtles

- etc

Fig 02- Swan and goose are swimming together

Our community quite wandering with Canadian geese population about in the last 8 years.

Fig 03- A goose is swimming alone.

Canadian geese population have been increased so much in the city. We usually see them during winter only when they migrate from frozen northern America. 

Fig 04- Flock od Canadian geese and white swans.

I believe the Canadian geese in the city lake are permanent geese. They adapt to southern America temperatures.

They are not only occupy many lakes, but also in the ponds. We saw them in many areas everywhere.

Finally, what species of migratory birds in your area or lakes? 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Have you Tasted Fruits and Drunk Tamarind Juice? - Health and Medicine 17


Tamarind drink, sold in the farmer market

We went to one of our neighborhood farmer markets couple days ago, and saw a peanut like fruit, called Tamarind.

Tamarind is a tree with scientific name Tamarindus indica, origin from Africa, and grow well in the following countries:

- India

- Pakistan

- Thailand

- Indonesia

- Malaysia

- Vietnam

- other tropical countries.

The tree produces fruit, look like big raw bean for me at glance. The fruit contains seed. The fibrous pulp surrounds the seeds inside the fruit.

Tamarind fruit in the wood basket

Pulp in the fruit is edible. Taste of pulp depend on stage development of fruits:

- green young fruit is sour in taste

- brown mature fruit is sweet and tangy in taste.

The fruit has been used for many purposes include seasoning of local cuisines in many countries.

It is said that tamarind has a lot of health benefits, and advisable to eat tamarind daily, about 10 gr per day.

One of health benefits is to reduce weight, because its contain:

- flavonoids

- polyphenols

- fiber

- no fat

Have you tasted tamarind? Juice or fruit?

High Occupancy Vehicle Parking Only - Sign & Sky 6

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