Saturday, August 29, 2020

Shrimp Sold by Local Groceries - Economics 4


fig-01- Large size shrimp

We have several groceries in our neighborhood to sell fresh sea foods, caught by local fishermen:

- crabs

- shrimp

- fish

- mollusks

When we bought shrimp couple days ago, seller said that they come from Gulf of Mexico, American parts.

Shrimps from Gulf of Mexico have 3 different colors:

- white

- pink

- brown

fig-02- Small size shrimp

Shrimp prize depend on size (large, medium or small) or count (number of shrimp per pound):

- US$ 9.99 per pound for shrimp with 9 – 12 count.

- US$ 7.99 per pound for shrimp with 10 – 15 count.

- US$ 5.99 per pound for shrimp with 16 – 20 count

Fig-03- Medium size shrimp

Shrimp landing about 100 millions pound at previous years, but less than 30% in recent years. The size of shrimp getting smaller as well.

Less landing due to some factors such as:

- Lower fishing activities due to lower price of import shrimp

- Flooding rains from nearby river

Unfortunately, illegal import with lower quality such as using of antibiotic and certain chemical substances is increasing without control.

Law enforcement seem lack of resources to check illegal foreign shrimps. Thus, consumers need to rely on basic information before buying somethings.

It is important to know where our seafood come from and quality of what of food will we consume.

Buy local, help neighbors.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Do Sleep Problems Lead to Parkinson’s? - Parkinson’s Diseases 14

 Two chairs, just for illustration

We talked about connection between smell loss and Parkinson’s (please read: Smell Loss may Lead to Parkinson’s - Parkinson’s Diseases 11).

Reports recently said that sleep problems might relate to early stages of Parkinson’s Diseases as well.

Some sleep problems are:

- insomnia

- sleep apnea and narcolepsy

- sporadic movements during sleeping.

- nightmares

These sleep problems are believed due to neurological system disorders. The problems may stimulate Parkinson’s to develop gradually, and without notice some times.

Two bar-stools, just for illustration

There are OTC drugs to help sleep problems, they are sold in drug stores and big groceries such as Walmart. Some of them are:

- Dodow

- Vitafusion (Melatonin gummies)

- Vicks ZzzQuil (Nighttime Sleep Aid LiquiCaps)

- Happy Sleeper

- Equate (Strength Nighttime Sleep Aid Softgels)

- Hyland’s Rest

Drugs just to temporarily relieve of sleeping problem, not really solve the problem. Neither do drugs solve the problem of Parkinson’s diseases.

Both sleep disturbance and Parkinson’s diseases will continue over time. Symptoms of early stages of Parkinson’s diseases are:

- tremor at one hand

- stiffness

- slowing movement.

Finally, be careful with sleep problems in long term, just consult to a physician to make sure that no association with Parkinson’s or other diseases.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Reasons Your Dogs have Eaten Grass - Pet and Hobby 6

 A dog is eating grasslands.

We might wonder why a dog eating grass, and sometimes followed by vomiting. Is it just natural or habit? The answer, actually no. Not just habit or natural behaviors.

There are several reasons why dogs eat grass, they are:

- stressed

- bored

- sick

- nutritional deficiency such as fiber.

- treating intestinal worms

- improve digestion

Since eating grass is bad signs for dogs, it is suggested to find good ways to avoid dog from eating grass.

A dog on the grass, just for illustration

Several methods to prevent dogs to eat grass are:

1) If dogs bored, the owners should let dogs getting some exercises and interactive games.

2) If dog faced with nutritional deficiency, then owners might give dogs with good quality foods such a higher fiber foods.

3) Be careful that many yards use toxic substances (herbicides or pesticides) to maintain green grasses. If dog owners are quite not sure whether the grass contain poison or not, just avoid it.

Do you have dogs as pets? Did you saw your dog is eating grass?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Blooming of Freesia Flowers - Pet and Hobby 5

 Red flowers of Freesia 

Freesia is fragrance flowers, based on what people said on flowers smell, they are following:

- sweet smelling

- strawberry (strawberry reminiscent)

- summer fruit

- like honey smell

- mild smell of mint

The smell is said different between one to other colors. Common colors of Freesia flowers are:

- red

- yellow

- white

- purple

Grow easily indoor

In addition to red, yellow, white and purple, the other colors are:

- blue

- pink

- white

- cream

- lavender

- orange

Flowers in shaded areas

The flowers are blooming during summer in the USA, and many varieties are used for cut flowers.

Live duration for cut flower is depended on colors where blue, white and white could reach more than 3 weeks in vases.

What color of Freesia flowers do you like? What kind of smell do you love?  

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Coughing is a Symptom for both Cancer and Covid 19 – Cancer 4

Two face masks, just for illustrations

We might knew that coughing, especially chronic coughing is one of Covid 19 symptoms now days.

It might be true, if after infected for 2 until 14 days, people faced with coughing. Other Covid 19 symptoms could be:

- Runny nose or congestion

- Difficult to breath or breath shortness.

- Sore throat

- Nausea or vomiting

- Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

Chronic coughing, dry or mucus production, and persistent coughing in long term, not only symptoms of Covid 19, but might lead to problem in:

- pulmonary system

- a lung cancer symptom or a warning sign of cancer.

Red flower, just for illustration

Breath shortness and pressure in the chest (chest pain) could be symptoms of Mesothelioma.

This is a lung cancer due to exposure to certain toxin or asbestos. Progressive cancer which may develops in years (decades).

If you got the above symptoms, jut visit medical doctors to diagnosed whether you got Covid 19 or cancers.

Finally, hope, no one of us have any coughing or difficult to breath during this Covid 19 pandemic. May god bless all of us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Tamale is one of Typical Mexican Dishes

 The Tamales, wrapped in banana leaves.

There are plenty of Mexican foods, you might know or consume some of them:

- Tamale

- Tacos

- Tostadas

- Chiles en nogada

- Enchiladas

One of my favorites is a Tamale. The way its cook is interesting for me, it is steamed with wrapping. The wrapping could be one of these natural materials:

- banana leaf

- corn husk

The Tamale is a delicious dish with tastes of sweety, salty or spicy, made of “a corn based dog” with mixture of various stuffs such as:

- various meats (chicken)

- beans

- dried fruits

- olive

- cheese

- vegetables (carrots, peppers).

When eating Tamale, we remove the wrap first, either we throw it or used its as a plate. We may eat with:

- guacamole

- rice

- pico de gallo

Have you tried a Tamale? Or which one Mexican foods do you like?

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Can Brain Burn Calories by Thinking?

Illustration photo, two chairs in backyard

It is fact that by sitting, the chess players in international competition could loss 6,000 calories per day in average.

To avoid weight loss, they must consume a suitable amount of foods to replace calories depletion.

Just to get an idea that 1 kg (2.2 lbs) equal to 7,716 calories. Then, calories of some foods and drinks are following:

- average burger (bun + ground meat + vegetables and etc) is 780 calories

- milk, about 100 calories

- beans, about 200 calories

- grains, about 55 to 230 calories

- fruits, 45 to 300 calories

- coke, 182 calories

In term of using calories, as comparison, for adult, women and men use about 23% of their body energy or 400 calories to think per day.

In case of kids, they use 60% of their body energy to think per day. Their brain is hungry for energy, in this case is glucose.

We might conclude that thinking hardly will cause a lot of calories loss. What do you opinion?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Yellow Crown Night Heron around Our Neighborhood - Nature and Wildlife 16

The bird walks toward a small river

As We know that Crown Night Herons live in specific habitats, not in the crowd areas such as our neighborhood.

The kind of habitats this bird likely to stay is:

- mangroves

- bayous

- swamps or marshes

- shallow tidal waters

- riverside groves

- lowland rivers

We believe Crown Night Herons have been around in our neighborhood for at least since three years ago. It is because we may spot them in many part of our areas, and even they cross the streets.

Sometimes, we saw this beautiful bird, adults and young herons are playing or searching foods nearby waters (streams or open ditches). We guess that they have nests in our quarters.

Our neighborhood might be suitable habitat for this bird, since we have small forests, bushes and rivers (medium and small sizes).

The heron population occupies huge areas from North (New England) to the South states (Florida to Texas).

They consume variety of foods:

- crabs

- crayfish

- mollusks

- frogs

- insects

- fish

Have you seen Yellow Crown Night Heron in nature or close by your neighborhood?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Homemade Local Pecan Candy Sold by a Neighbor

Pecan candies on the plate

I bought pecan candy from small vendor long time ago. He said the candies are made by himself.

It was first time I taste pecan candies, a special candy from Louisiana. I can not eat more than two, since they are so sweet for me, due to higher sugar content.

Pecan is a tree, native to southern parts (states) of USA such as:
- Georgia
- Texas
- Mississippi
- Alabama
- Arkansas
- Arizona
- California
- Florida
- Louisiana

Single candy is wrapped in the special plastic

Pecan tree scientific name is Carya illinoinensis. The trees produce nut, also called as “pecan.”

Pecan nuts are believed to have some health benefits:
- anti-oxidants to lower hearth diseases risk
- lower risk of cancer
- anti-inflammatory
- to get better digestion
- boosts immunity

Candies inside boxes

Pecan candy means candy with pecans (nuts) inside. Pecan nuts are cooked and stirred with:
- brown sugar
- white sugar
- milk
- butter

One of our neighbors sell homemade Pecan candies. We have software application called “next door” to communicate and posting relevant neighborhood issues.

We may order candies through online with bargaining prices and even ask for free.

Wonderful neighborhood. 

Why don’t We Have HIV Vaccine yet? - Health and Medicine 22

Fig 01- Tulip as illustration Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has been identified by Luc Montagnier and his team from Pasteur Institute,...