Friday, May 29, 2020

New Method to Stop Cancer Cells From Spreading? - Cancer 1

Cancer cells (credit to Evening Standard)

We familiar with several cancer treatments such as stem cell technique, surgery and therapy. These therapies include:
- Immuno therapy
- Radiation Therapy
- Chemotherapy
- Immuno-therapy
- Hormone therapy.

Now, scientists have developed new method to change cancer cells to be fat cells as final goal. The approach had a good result.

The process called “adipogenesis” where cancer cells are changed to stem cells, then turn to “fat cells” or “adipocytes.”

How to induce the “adipogenesis” process?

Scientists transfer breast cancer cells into mice, then give two kinds of drugs to mice:
- rosiglitazone for diabetic treatment's
- trametinib for cancer treatments.

It is fact that cancer cells changed to fat cells are permanent. We can say, the fat cells can not able to return to cancer cells.

Promising result in mice is the first step only, the researchers need to develop study and experiments further to human being.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Do you Want to Have Forever Puppies? - Pet and Hobby 1

A cute brown Maltese, a nice pet

Some people want to have a small size, others desire a giant dog with their own reasons.

In case you might have the following reasons:
- have small places (apartment, houses) to live
- want to have pets that easy to carry outside
- have family members (children, senior) who can handle small pets only
- love the sweet behaviors of a puppy

Then, dog breeding called as Maltese is one of possible choices. This breeding personalities are attractive and young “forever.”

Maltese size is quite small with less than 7 pound (3 kg) weight and height about 8 inches (20 cm).

Two playful Maltese breeding.

This breeding was recorded since thousand years ago, may be about 8,000 years ago, from areas of Mediterranean basin, includes:
- Egypt
- Southern Europe
- Sicily
- Malta

Dogs came to America in 1800s. Dogs keep their small size entire their life span, about 12 to 15 years with some of specific characters:

- love to be pampered
- intelligent
- responsive
- playful
- easy to learn

Comparable to other small size dogs, Maltese has several health issues such as:
- dental problems
- eyes problems
- weak knees
- blood sugar level
- low energy.

It is suggested to visit veterinarian regularly, and owners should not forget to walk every day with Maltese.

Do you know about Maltese forever puppy or plan to adopt one?

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Why Turtles Produce almost All Female Hatchlings Recently? - Nature and Wildlife 10

Green turtle as one of endangered species.

When I was walking with my dad in remote beaches in the tropical country along long time ago, we found turtle eggs in the beaches sometimes.

We did not know the natural sex ratio of male and female turtle hatchlings, we just guessed equally the same with little bit higher for females.

It is stunning to know that scientists found new hatchling to have almost all females sex identity in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.


Naturally, temperature decide sex ratio of turtles, higher temperature means female more. On the contrary, lower temperature will cause plenty males than females.

Sex ratio of turtle when eggs put in incubator with varies temperatures are following:
- at C 28.5 (F 83.3) degree will produce equally males and females broods.
- above C 30 (F 86) degree produces all females hatchlings
- below C 25 (F 77) degrees produce all males turtle babies.

Many scientists have concluded that “climates changes” which relate to increasing of temperature responsible to more females in Great Barrier Reef turtle broods.

In short term, scientists try to design lower nest temperature to get equal sex ratio of turtles. Hope, world could handle the climate changes in near future. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

How Odor may Determine Parkinson Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 8

A flower as one of odor sources

Smell is one of methods to determine whether particular person got or not Parkinson’s diseases.

It is fact that human body emits different kinds of odors based on:
- diet
- age
- sex
- genetic
- diseases in human (his or her) body.

Musky” smell is lead to diagnose of Parkinson's disease. This is a strong odor, difficult to disappear from rooms or small spaces. The smell is actually similar to smell produced by deer’s body to attract mates.

After several years of the musky smell, then followed by clinical symptoms of Parkinson’s diseases such as appearing of “sebum” on skin and hair.

Sebum is a “light yellow” substance produce by “sebaceous glands” to protect skin and hair. Sebum composes of:
- free fatty acids
- squalene
- cholesterol esters
- triglycerides
- cholesterol
- wax esters

Yes, it is need further researches to determine exact smell and chemical compounds which contribute to odor, leading to Parkinson’s diseases.

However, this “simple” methods of smell detection could be an early warning sign. This is a crucial step to prevent progressive stages of severe Parkinson’s diseases.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Is Red Potato Nutrition better than White Potato?

Red potatoes price in the USA

I just knew red potatoes in the USA, eventhough its around since hundred years ago. Spanish found this potatoes in Perus, then brought them to Europe in 1560s.

American farmers developed a new breed called “red Pontiac” or “Dakota chief,” then export to the following countries:

- Uruguay
- Canada
- Australia
- Algeria
- the Philippines
- Venezuela
- Mexico

Almost all groceries sold red potatoes.

Price of red and white potatoes is not much different in my favorite groceries. 79 cent for red, and 78 cent for white potatoes per pound.

In term of nutrition, both red and white potatoes is almost the same. They contain:
- about 150’s calories
- vitamin C
- Potassium
- Carbohydrates.

However, compared to white potatoes that red potatoes contain much more following nutrients:
- vitamin B6
- sodium
- cholesterol free.
- less starchy

As far as I know people use red potatoes for soup, salads, roasting cooking and chowders.

Which one do you like: red or white or both potatoes? 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Have you Seen Fireflies in the Nature? - Nature and Wildlife 9

A bug with glowing light attached on the leave surface.

When I was a kid, I caught several “glowing” bugs, and then put in the jar. I was wonder why I didn’t see any light come out from the insects in the daylight.

It is because fireflies emits light to attract and respond their mates in the dark. Yes, both males and females produce light in the night.

They are hiding on the ground in the daylight, usually between grasses or bushes. No, we can’t see any “luminescence” emit from their body during sleeping time.

Fireflies just active after sunset, since they are nocturnal insects.

What kind of foods the fireflies eat? Here are some of them:
- pollen
- nectar (from flowers)
- dew droplets
- smaller insects.

Firefly on the hand (credit to Google)

There are 2,000 (two thousand) species of fireflies in the world, mostly found in the warm and humid areas or tropical areas.

We may see a lot of fireflies in South and Central America as well, in addition to Asia region.

Interestingly, it is said that not all fireflies species produce light in the USA. Many fireflies in the Western USA less able to emit light, and no or low population of fireflies in the Kansas state.

Few states are found fireflies, we may observe them in the national forests or parks. The states include:
- Pennsylvania
- Florida
- South Carolina
- Tennessee

Have you seen fireflies in your country or place in recent days? 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Have You Tried Tea for Reduce Stress? - Health and Medicine 12

Tea for stress

I saw many herbal products sold when I visit to the ethnic grocery in my city, some of them:

- stress tea extra strength
- chia seed good life
- prostate help tea
- sore throat tea
- diabetes tea
- energy tea
- insomnia tea
- gastritis tea

Many more kinds of tea or herbal drinks are sold in the grocery. I just bought two of them, stress tea extra strength and chia seeds. 

Various herbal drinks

It is said that stress tea may treat insomnia as well as stress. Other benefits are:
- reducing anxiety
- relaxing our muscles
- reducing irritability

Another traditional drink is called Chia seeds. Some American familiar with this seed, because the plant is abundance in the southwestern United States.

This seed is mixed with hot water. It is said good for control sugar blood level, thus, good for diabetes patients.

Have you tried any traditional herbal drink in addition to “common” tea?

Roaming Guinea Fowls in Neighborhood - Pet and Hobby 24

Fig 01- A couple of guinea fowl in neighborhood I saw a couple of guinea fowl crossed the busy traffic road in front of nearby library some...