Monday, April 20, 2020

Why Oil Price Goes Negative in the Market? - Economics 2

Oil reached negative price (-US$ 37.63).
Credit to Google.

Surprisingly, oil price plummet sharply below zero or negative. The price reached negative (- US$ 37.63) for first time at least in American history.

Negative price means that if we are consumers, then the producers will pay us to take their oil from their hands.

We might ask the question, Why Oil Price Goes Negative? The possible answers are:
- supply more than demand
- oil storage are overflow
- no space to store over supply of oil

In term of stock market, oil was traded in New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) since 1983. NYMEX was opened in 1872 for commodities trade, included:
- copper
- platinum
- gold
- silver

The negative price happened when sellers can not find the buyers for future contract, usually near term contract.

Near term contract refer to price contract in days, weeks or a month, not in years.

It is a sign of bad economy in which negative price means no demands, thus less industry activities (productions). Then, lead to unemployment, and then hurt economic. On and on. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

What are Early Stages of Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 7

Early symptoms of Parkinson’s Diseases 
(credit to Home Care)

Generally, there are 3 important stages of Parkinson’s Diseases, they are:
- early stage
- mid stage
- advance stage

At the early stage, we (some experts) may include two sub-stages:

1) Minimal impairment
- At this sub stage, minimal or almost no impairment of body functions. We see mild symptoms. Physicians may not be able to conduct a diagnosis.

- Sometimes, symptoms are intermittent tremors in the certain parts (almost one side) of body such as hand, leg or face.

2) Tremors
- This sub stage includes tremors, slow movement, lack facial expression, soft voice, reduce blinking and muscles rigidity.

- The sub stage may take place after months of previous sub stage, and luckily that daily living can still be able to perform.

The early symptoms are actually connect to motor functions, it is initiated in the certain parts (one side) of body, then develop over age.

It is estimated that the early stage Parkinson’s diseases patients would lost cells to produce dopamine about 60% - 80% in certain part of the brain.

Dopamine is responsible for motor functions.

We will discuss the mid stage of Parkinson’s Diseases by the next post.

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