Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Can We Lose Our Weight by Consume Protein before Sleeping? - Health and Medicine 11

Meat as one of protein sources. Illustration only.

Many ways to fight obesity, one of them is by consume protein in certain amount before sleeping.

We might have a question: Why?

It is because protein may increase our “resting metabolism rate” (RMR) by next morning after we are wake up.

What RMR does to our body?
- burn calories
- burn fat
- more lean muscles

These three factors (burn calories, burn fat and more lean muscles) will lead to ideal body weight, thus make us to live healthy, and highly possibly live longer.

Some experts suggested to consume 30 gram of following foods about 2 hours or 30 minutes before going to bed:
- milk
- yogurt
- cheese

These 3 foods contain whey and casein protein. Some nondairy foods and protein supplements are contain casein protein as well.

What foods you eat before sleeping?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

What Nature can Do to Human Behaviors? - Health and Medicine 10

City park at nearby my house

We knew that nature provided us with plenty of foods since long time ago. Now, we understand that nature could make our happy too.

Why are we happy if we walk in the such as woodland or park? It because nature impacts on:
- mood
- reduce depression
- make less anxiety

These above 3 factors are contributing to happiness. Make people boosting their joy of life.

What other things nature do to human being, especially relate to human behaviors (psycho)? Here are the some of them:

- may calm minds
- mental health improvement as well as physical fit.
- improve positive emotion
- improve memory, especially short memory
- more focus on cognitive.

How many time do you go to nature such as hiking on the hill, walking in the garden or jogging in the park a week?

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