Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Can Younger People Get Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 6

Young onset Parkinson for people with less than 40 years old
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We knew that probability to get Parkinson diseases is higher for older people, usually more than 65 years old.

Can Younger People Get Parkinson’s Diseases? The answer is yes. Scientists found that about 15% of people with diseases are less than 50 years old.

It is estimated 9,000 people of those young lives in the USA. And even few percentage is kids or teenagers.

As we know that two main causes of Parkinson’s Diseases are:
- genetics
- environment factors

It is believed that multiple family members with Parkinson’s diseases contributed to young onset Parkinson’s diseases.

As mentioned at previous postpone that no cure for Parkinson’s until recently, but people may postpone the Alzheimer’s if they got early symptoms of diseases.

Some methods to delay or manage mild symptoms diseases are:
- keep working with current jobs
- physical actives
- social actives
- medications, physicians may recommend: a MAO-B inhibitor, an amantadine, a dopamine agonist and an anticholinergic drug.

Hope, Young onset Parkinson numbers may reduce in near future

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Can Face Masks Contain Wuhan Coronavirus? - Health and Medicine 9

One of simple surgical face masks

Wuhan Coronavirus are spreading worldwide. The diseases transmit from infected people to healthy people in manners.

Like other airborne diseases, Coronavirus may travel in the air within droplets when infected persons:
- breathes
- sneezes
- coughs
- talks

Without containment, it is estimated that 1 sick person could infect about 1.5 to 3.5 other people.

What is effective containment to reduce transmission or infection?

N95 type respirator or face mask

It is proved that the following containment are succeed to reduce transmission:
- identifying infected persons
- isolating who infected
- tracking who contacted the infected persons

Using face mask is one methods to prevent airborne diseases to enter mouth and nose.

Two types of face masks are recommended:
- a simple surgical face mask
- N95 respirators

A simple surgical face mask is quite cheap, and easy to be found in the market. The price is less than US$ 1 per piece.

The surgical mask is effective to block big droplets, but we may inhale very small droplets from the sides of filters.

N95 respirator is able to block from 95% to 99% airborne pathogens, germs or virus. It is good for health care workers who handle Coronavirus patients (suspected or infected).
We are in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe may no need to use any kinds of face mask or filters, since our regions have low rate infection or no infection at all.

How many persons infected by Wuhan Coronavirus in your country recently?

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