Saturday, January 18, 2020

Can We Get Audio Books for Free?

Lit2Go is one of audio-books websites

We may save our money by finding free stuffs that are available surrounding us (neighborhoods) or searching through internet.

The things could include digital materials or hard materials, some of them:
- certain prescription drugs
- furniture (tables and chairs)
- clothes
- digital magazines
- digital videos and films
- digital newspapers

I myself need to learn English by listening to native speakers. Traditionally, I improve my listening ability regularly through:
- watching TV, films or videos
- listening news from radios

We have plenty of choices in the digital eras. I love to get free download or free access of audio books from websites (public domains). My favorite websites are:

- Mind websites
- Loyal books
- Librivox
- Open culture
- Project Gutenberg
- Lit2Go

We may access to hundred thousands of audio books or eBook without spending any pennies.

Have you tried to find free stuffs from internet or elsewhere? Please tell us what your experience is!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Is there Relationship between Parkinson’s Diseases and Mitochondria? – Parkinson’s Diseases 5

Illustration for simple mitochondria anatomy and physiology
(credit to MEME)

Mitochondria is organelles inside the most living cells, important to the cell since its has critical functions:
- to break down the nutrient into energy, then use or store its. Thus mitochondria is a kind of cell powerhouse.
- to process cell respiration

Disorder or dead of mitochondria could lead to dead of cells, then cause problems to organs, tissues or specific cells.

It is believed that mitochondria dysfunction may relate to many diseases, include:
- Parkinson's disease
- Alzheimer's disease
- heart disease
- diabetes
- muscle weakness
- Seizure
- Huntington’s diseases
- amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Mechanism in mitochondria dysfunction, illustration only
(credit to

From my previous posts:
- Why People Could Get Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 1
- How Neuron Cells Affect on Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 2

We may summarize that:
1) “Neurons are brain cells.”
2) One of Neuron functions is to control our physical movement and balance
3) “These brain cells may die that affect on decreasing of dopamine, consequently, lead to movement disorders such as Parkinson’s diseases.”

Then, what relationships between mitochondria, brain cells, dopamine and Parkinson’s diseases?

Brain cells are hungrier cells, they are very much depend on mitochondria as source of energy. Malfunction or dead of mitochondria, will cause dead of brain cells.

From above summary, no 3) will be happen. We may conclude that mitochondria and brain cells responsible to Parkinson’s diseases.

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