Monday, September 23, 2019

How Neuron Cells Affect on Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 2

The different of neuron
between normal people and Parkinson’s diseases patient
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At previous article (please read: Why People Could Get Parkinson’s Diseases?), we discussed that the neurons could contribute to Parkinson’s Diseases.

In this article, we will know How Neuron cells Affect on Parkinson’s Diseases, and possibility to prevent death of cells.

Neurons are brain cells to control our physical movement and balance. Neurons communicate with other nerve cells (neurons) by producing neurotransmitter hormone called as dopamine.

These brain cells may die that affect on decreasing of dopamine, consequently, lead to movement disorders such as:
- tremors
- slow movement
- rigidity 

Substantia nigrae is the region where neurons are found
(credit to scientifically challenged)

Parkinson is movement disorders which also include muscle stiffness and impaired speech.

At early stage, movement disorders may unnoticed. Slowly progressive until patient can not control certain physical movement anymore. Usually occur in the late age.

The less the dopamine, the more movement disorder, and the severe Parkinson's diseases is.

Moreover, death of neurons due to several factors, include:
- environmental toxicity
- infections
- traumatic
- genetic

It is said that vitamin B3 may prevent death of neurons. Vitamin may reduce death of neurons rate by boosting mitochondria.

But, very careful that B3 overdoses may lead to diabetic diseases (please read my article: Could Medicines Affect on Pancreas to Produce Insulin?).

Thus, any using of medications and their negative side effect possibility should be consulted to physicians. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Does Food Insecurity Exist among American College Students?

A college cafeteria, illustration only

I knew campus life is tough for many students, include me when I was in college. In respect to money, I depend very much on a tiny scholarship and parents.

What surprise me, the fact even worse in American colleges in recent days.

Percentage of students faces with food insecurity is quite higher at both two and four year colleges across America:
- 25% of two years college
- 20% of four years college

Hence, 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 of college students are hungry. In term of number that million of students don’t have money to buy meal to consume.

For comparison that 13% of American experiences with hungry on daily live. Homeless is the worst.

In extreme conditions, portion of students even skip from eating for some times because of hard financial situation.

Illustration of college students in the room

There are plenty reasons lead to food insecurity for college students, few are:
- spending on high cost of colleges (tuition, books and other relate costs)
- difficult to find part time jobs for no extra money.
- financial aids, and even student loans are not enough to cover relate costs to higher education.

This issue might lead to students difficulty to pursue their degree, and even they tend to drop out the school.

Hope, relevant agencies and legislators (federal and state levels), and even schools to find ways to reduce hungry in the colleges. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Why I Like Mexican Foods of Burritos and Fajita?

Chicken Fajita

Americans called many foods as Mexican foods, but, actually no such foods (tastes) are sold in the Mexico.

I love many Mexican foods that are available in the USA market only, some of them are:
- Chicken Fajita
- Burritos

Originally, fajitas were made with steak. We may consume fajitas with chicken (breast) or shrimp. Usually, served with the following items:
- crisp peppers
- sweet onions
- flour tortillas
- cheese
- sour cream
- lettuce

One type of Burritos in America

Burritos is more famous in USA than Mexico. You may find this food in the northern part of Mexico only which off course differ from American burritos.

Burritos in Mexico look like Taco in America. Uniquely, we found burritos with Korea, Chinese, Japan and Thailand tastes, here in the USA.

Burritos are commonly filling with:
- meats
- cheese
- vegetables
- salsas

Other variation of burritos is filling with eggs and potatoes for breakfast.

Why I Like Mexican Foods of Burritos and Fajita? The foods are served with plenty of choices: many variations and many different tastes.

Have you tasted burritos and fajitas or any Mexican foods?

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