Sunday, July 28, 2019

Can Mosquitoes be Exterminated on the Earth? - Health and Medicine 8

A mosquito for illustration

Human killed by Mosquitoes is estimated 1 million per year worldwide. Almost half million death due to malaria.

WHO (World Health Organization) reported that mosquitoes affect on billion of people with diseases spread by them.

There are 3500 species of mosquitoes, but not all risk to human health. Some deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes:

- malaria
- Yellow Fever
- Zika Virus
- West Nile Virus
- Encephalitis
- Chikungunya Virus
- Dengue Fever

The question: Can Mosquitoes be exterminated on the earth? The answer is YES. Then, how?

A mosquito in action

The mosquitoes are difficult to be eliminated by traditional methods such as:
- using pesticides
- destroying habitat where mosquitoes are laying their eggs.

Method by using genetic know how was conducted in 2018. This method was initiated by scientists from UK.

The scientists sterile female mosquitoes to reduce their reproduction ability, while males are developing genetic mutation.

Further research then developed by a Chinese scientist with his associates. They treat mosquitoes by doing:
- Sterilized the target areas of female mosquitoes
- Infected the male mosquitoes by bacteria

These mosquitoes then be released to the specific locations (two islands).

Surprisingly, female mosquito almost extinct. Mosquito population reduce very much. The population reach to nearly zero.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sweet Mango is Good to Eat in the Summer

Yellow is indicating of sweetness

We could find ripe mangoes in many groceries in southern states of America from spring to summer.

Price is quite lower during summer. Discounted may reach to 50% or more. We get a good bargain if we buy several boxes. A box contains a dozen or more.

This fruit is juicy and sweet. The taste depends on variety, some are:
- a tart like taste
- lemon like taste
- sweetness, acid or sour or combined

Mango is very popular in Asia and South East Asian countries. It seems that getting popular in America.

Mango consumption in the USA, from 2000 to 2017

Statistic showed that consumption of mango per capita is steadily increase from 2000 to 2017.

Average American consumed mango 1.75 pound in 2000, then increase almost double in 2017, 3.21 pound per year.

Ready to consume

Mango textures like its taste, varied on its cultivars. Few are:
- soft textures
- firmer like avocado and cantaloupe textures
- pulpy like a plum (an overripe plum) texture
- a fibrous texture.

Have you tasted mango? If so, do you like it?

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Why do I Love Eating Salt Duck Eggs?

Salt duck eggs ready to eat

Salted duck egg is one of my favorites food when I was teenager. I have three reasons to love this food:
1. Tasteful compared to unsalted eggs or chicken eggs.
2. Easy and ready to consume, since it cooked already, sold in groceries
3. Cheap and easy to find in any groceries.

They are highly nutritional content as well, mainly:
- Proteins
- Lipid
- Low sugar

Wrapped salt duck eggs

Preserve duck egg was long time tradition in China, may be since 1,400 years ago. Chinese described how to make egg salty by written in the tree bark centuries ago.

I may buy salt duck eggs in ethnic groceries in America. They are imported from countries such as:
- Vietnam
- China
- Thailand
- Taiwan
- Hong Kong

Since it contains highly salt, salted duck eggs have no expire date or last quite longer. However, don’t eat the eggs with bad smell.

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