Friday, June 28, 2019

Do you Know Differences between Annual and Perennial?

Perennial flowers

I wonder the meaning of perennial and annual when I visited a nursery recently. I tried to search through Google what is the meaning and different of these two words.

Perennial has many synonym words, just for examples:
- Eternal
- Continuing
- Endless
- Ceaseless
- Lasting
- Persisting
- Permanent
- Constant

In respect to flowers, perennial means continue to grow from one year to other years. However, they will dormant during winter season.

How about with a tree or a woody tree? The woody tree included as a perennial plant.

Annual flowers

Some synonym words for annual are:
- Once a year
- Yearly
- Every twelve month
- Year enduring
- Each year

Annual flowers mean that flowers live one year only.

In case I plant an annual flower, it is mean that I aware the flower life cycle: from seed, bloom, produce seed to die takes one season (year).

Since the flower died, thus I need to re-plant the annual flower in the next following spring.

Finally, I love both perennial and annual flowers. How about you? Prefer Annual or perennial flowers? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Waiting Good Deal Price for Gazebo

Gazebo on sale

Yes, we are in southern states of America in the middle of very hot summer season right now.

Temperature could reach above F 95 or C 35 degree. Very hot.

It is time to go outside. Sitting at the backyard is one of comfortable place in the after noon.

Nice chairs of Gazebo

We can rest or sitting on chair under Gazebo, since it provides shelter and shades. We feel convenient to relax under rain or sun shines.

Previously, the word Gazebo was used to structures such as projecting balcony, tower on the roof and anything attached on the top (wall).

The summer house then to be called as Gazebo too. This kind of Gazebo is often with screen and an open side.

The price is depend on size and structures of Gazebo. Small and simple Gazebo could cost a couple bucks.

Large enough and complicated Gazebo reach price to thousand bucks.

I just waiting for bargain price or good deal price. It will much lower in the coming month. Just wait and see. 

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