Friday, May 10, 2019

What Fruit Do You Like?

Avocado and strawberry

Two of my most favorite fruits are avocado and strawberry. Both fruits have plenty of health benefits.

Avocado is not sweet, but little bit bitter for me. Some people said the taste is delicate and mild butter like.

We all know about strawberry, some sweet, many mild, but no bitter strawberry. Many product, especially for kids are strawberry like tastes.

We slice avocado, then blended it with milk or we drizzle milk over the avocado, condensed milk. It is processed milk without water. Sugar is added to make milk to be sweeten.

People use condensed milk for things such as baking bread, sweetened coffee, tea and other drinks, and other purposes.

In case of strawberry, we always blend with whipped cream to make sweeter. The whipped is usually used for topping pies, fruits and cakes.

Walmart sells “reddi wip” brand for whipped cream. We loyal for this brand, used for more than 10 years. Brand produced by ConAgra Foods company.

What Fruit Do You Like? Do you know avocado?

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