Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Are Cage Free Eggs Healthier than Regular Ones? - Health and Medicine 6

Regular and cage free eggs

I like the taste and flavor of cage free eggs than regular ones. Some people said the cage free eggs is the healthiest eggs, the other said no (nutritional) differences of two. It is required that all groceries in the USA must sell cage free eggs by 2025.

A cage free hen is not mean that hens are roaming in the grass field or a huge place. However, the hens are much more better live in the huge cage, hence, hens have good live than confined ones.

White or regular eggs packed

Advantages of cage free hens are following:
1) Consume organic feed
2) No antibiotics
3) No or less exposure to pesticides

In addition, cage free hens lives in housing system are able to stretch their wings, run around and lay eggs in the nest. But, they might not access to outdoor. 

Cage free eggs packed

In term of price, sure, cage free eggs much more expensive than confined hen’s eggs. The price could be double or more. I found US$ 1.26 for 12 regular eggs, while 12 cage free eggs are US$ 2.96.

Have you tried cage free eggs? What do you think?

Friday, March 22, 2019

What are Advantages of Pink Salt Compared to Regular Salt? - Health and Medicine 5

Pink salt with coarse and finer sizes

Pink salt is quite popular recently, especially for teenagers. I don’t know the real reasons, for sure that the salt has attractive color (pink) and come from far away, Himalayan Mountains. It also called as Himalayan salt. Pink color is due to concentration of iron oxide in the salt.

Since it has higher demands in the market, the price of pink salt to be expensive than regular ones. It is said that pink salt is the cleanest salt in the planet, contain less sodium, and used for variety purposes include to cook (culinary uses), preserve meat and fish, and therapeutic purposes.

Pink salt in the bottles

Some advantages of pink salt are following:
# Used as sleep inducer because pink salt contains more mineral (up to 84 kind minerals).

# Could improve digestive problem by harmonize (balance) stomach acid and regulate metabolism.

# Pink salt contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which could clean up mucus in respiratory system, thus solve respiratory problems.

People in Asian countries believed that pink salt has many health benefits. Have you tried pink salt ever?

Friday, March 15, 2019

How can We Make Flower’s Vase from Coconut Shell and Husk?

Several vases and cactus

We eat the white flesh and drink juice (water) of coconut, especially young ones. Coconut oil and shrewd coconut flesh are among processed coconut that sold commercially worldwide. Shell could be transformed to charcoal, and many shell together with husk are coconut by products.

Cactus in the coconut vase

Many crafts can be made of coconut shell or and husk, some of them are bowls, cups, plates, Santa Claus heads and many more.

We use coconut shells and husks to make flower vase. It is easy, we just saw the upper part of shell and husk. Then, inserted with plastic bowl. We fill the bowl with soil, and plant the flowers, in this case cactus. You may plant any kind of flowers

The vases and cactus could be seen at above pictures.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How Many Types of Storage Shed?

Storage is sold by the Retailer

Some people build their own storage, other just buy it from retailers. Sure, the original function is to pack and store extra items, includes boxes and garden tools.

There are many types of storage sheds, some of them are:
-For playing around
-For doing simple working
-For temporary staying
-For entertaining guests

Good place for working

It is safe place as a playhouse for kids. No worry to get injured or even lost when children play in the storage. It also can be decorated like an office for working outside main house.

In addition to a play around and a working place, storage can be a temporary sweet home. To make more convenient some items such as a mini book shelve, a desk and chairs. Finally, storage might be for entertaining guests. The room be rearranged for guests drinks.

Do you have a storage? What type of storage do you have?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Have You Tasted a Logan Fruit?

Flesh of Logan fruits with black seed.

Logan is among fruits that been imported from Asia to USA, mainly from China and Vietnam. The size is quite similar to grapes, but with a brown thin skin. The skin is fragile, and can be easily peeled up by hand. We see white flesh with a very small black seed. A single fruit has one seed. We eat sweet white flesh only.

Scientific name for Logan is Dimocarpus longan, belong to family of Sapindaceae, some fruits include in this family are lychee and rambutan. These fruits have the same white sweet flesh and seed inside.

Logan fruits sold in the bag

The fruit has some important minerals includes potassium, phosphorus and iron. It has highly vitamin C, anti-oxidants and vitamin A.

The people in some countries in Asia believed that logan is a magic fruit due to its health benefit to improve conditions of blood vessels, skin and bones.

Have you ever seen the fruit and taste it?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Is Banana Pepper Good for Health? - Health and Medicine 4

Banana peppers sold in a Mexican grocery

Banana pepper with scientific name Capsicum annuumsize includes medium of peppers or chili varieties, but larger (bigger) compared to normal chili (as I know). 

Length is around 6 inches (15 cm) and diameter is 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). In nature, this pepper could mature at a smaller length and a diameter.

I found this pepper in a Mexican store in my city, a deep south state. The color is yellow, but it is said that when peppers are ripen, the color changes to red, orange or even green. 

Some of banana peppers is processed to pickled, and other used as ingredient in many type of foods.

A Banana pepper photo taken from different angle.

I myself use this peppers as an ingredient in the curry or eaten (cook) by mixing with other vegetables. The taste of peppers is mild hot (heat), even tend to a little bit sweet.

In term of nutritional values, the pepper has low calories. Rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins (vitamins A and C). Peppers also contain more beta carotene than other chili. 

Hence, banana pepper is a good for our health.

Have you ever seen or tried Banana peppers?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

When is the Best Time to Plant Fruit Trees?

Satsuma and fig trees

We bought fruit trees a few week ago, a satsuma orange and a fig. The brochures said that we could plant those fruit trees any time during fall to spring seasons. We are very much doubt since temperature still cold. We are waiting until temperature quite mild (more than F 55 or C 13 degree).

We think that early March is appropriate time to plant satsuma orange, since higher temperature and daylight around 10 hours daily. The best temperature for growing a young tree of oranges.

Our orange at backyard

We have an orange tree at backyard, the tree provides number of oranges every November for us. The skin of orange is loose and thin, thus easy to peeled skin from a fruit. The taste is so sweet, I think the sweetest I ever found.

Unfortunately, the tree infected by diseases, we suspect the bacteria, it is because both leaves and fruits to be wrinkled. We expected no free orange this year, hence we need to replace with a new orange tree, satsuma.

Fruit trees are ready to be planted

In addition to orange, we bought a fig tree. The best time to grow this fruit is similar to orange. It is said that this fruit is not so difficult to grow in any kind of soil. The tree could mature as young as 2 years to 6 years. Actually the fig grow faster, and need more water to produce fruits.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How Could Scientists Cure AIDS Patients? - Health and Medicine 3

Great shot of HIV, credit to Imperial College London

Number of people infected by HIV is increasing year by year worldwide: more than 36.9 million people recently, and 940 thousands death in 2017. The condition is the worst in developing countries.

Surprisingly, the first patient has been cured first time in 2007 (12 years ago), but since then, no repeatations are success. It is because bone marrow transplant technique face with “harsh side effects that can last for years,” and even causes patients almost to die.

Researchers determined to develop transplant technique and procedure with less suffer side effects. Transplant included CCR5 protein which has been mutant in a donor. The mutated protein is crucial, because it could block HIV to enter and infect immune cells.

Bone marrow ultimately produces immune cells which able to resist HIV, and slowly replace infected or vulnerable cells. Then, HIV patients will be cured in certain periods.

Fairly interesting that there are plenty of donors, 22 thousands more have mutant CCR5 protein, and donors mainly from Northern Europe so far. Scientists could identified more donors from any part of the world if they wish in the near future.

This is the good news for all of us to combat AIDS epidemic!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Are Push-Ups Good for Our Health? - Health and Medicine 1

Push-ups, credit to GMB fitness

Push-up is simple movements that works for two arms, shoulders and chest. This simple exercises have many benefits, some of them are: muscle strength, improve cardiovascular system, increase testosterone hormone production and slow osteoporosis development.

When we push ups, our biceps get stretching, on the opposite, our back muscles stretching when we lower to the floor. Stretching of muscles will improve our health, flexibility, vitality, and even prevent injuries.

In term of cardiovascular system, push-ups improve the ability of the heart to deliver blood with rich of oxygen content. Thus, this simple exercise promotes heart health, and might reduce body fat.

It is believed that push ups stimulate hormones production include testosterone. This hormone is important for both men and women to maintain body health.

However, if your purpose is to burn calories or loss weight, push-ups are not enough. 100 push-ups burn 35 calories only. To lose 1 pound per-week, we need to do push-ups at least 500 a day. Thus, you should find other movements such as jogging or running that is among good sports to lose fat or fighting belly fat.

Finally, even it is simple movement, but has greater positive effect on health. Then, question is how many push-ups should we do everyday? The answer is depend on the age. It is suggested to do around 100 push-ups for people under 50, whereas more than 100 push-ups for people above 50 years old.

Why we do not do push-ups now?

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Where is Hoodwinker sunfish Living? - Nature and Wildlife 6

Sunfish on California beach, credit to Thomas Turner

Santa Barbara county, California communities are surprising by strange looking fish washed up on the beach. Size is quite “extra ordinary” compared to “normal” fish, 7 feet or 2.1 m length. In nature, this kind of fish could reach 14 feet length and 5 thousands pound or equal to 4.2 m length and 2.26 ton weight.

Hoodwinker sunfish is believed as the living heaviest “bony fish” in the ocean. Based on “Guiness World Record,” the longest and heaviest sunfish (Mola alexandrini) in the world was found in Chiba, Japan in 1996.

The question: where is Hoodwinker sunfish Living?The Hoodwinker sunfish is living in southern hemisphere such as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Thus, the fish swam thousand miles to land in California coast. It is first time recorded in the Northern America.

However, the questions remained unsolved that: why did Hoodwinker sunfish travel thousand mile?; Is sunfish founding on the beach lonely travelers or in schooling?; and many more questions.

Have you ever seen this kind of creature?

Friday, March 1, 2019

Should do We Get Reward to Report Unresolved Crime?

An advertisement to report crime

Rewards to whom gives a tip to resolve crimes are long time practices in the USA, may be since hundred years ago. Prizes in form of financial ranges from hundred bucks to million dollars, depend on seriousness of a crime.

Some people believed that rewards could lead to “crack” unresolved crimes. However, historically, prizes less helped police to convict suspects. As an example that 15 rewards only of 372 rewards provided by Los Angeles city council lead to solve crimes from 2008 to 2013. Some even “harm” on going investigations.

Some countries such as Canada, crime stoppers program effective more than report unresolved crimes rewards. In my city where I am living now, there are both reward to report the possibility future crimes and to provide tips to unresolved crimes.

When I visited Walmart shopping center couple days ago, I found advertisements from my city council to urge people to involve in helping government law enforcement officers to solve crimes in the city. The city provides rewards around US$5 thousand dollars.

How about with your states or and countries? 

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