Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Will We Have Flying Taxi Soon?

Flying taxi, credit to Mashable.

Many countries not only thinking, but also developed prototypes of flying taxi. UK, Japan, Germany and USA among countries that competing to make flying taxi to be reality in near future.

Two clear advantages are reducing crowd in highways and bring down cost if we use for small airplanes, especially for distance of less than 200 miles.

Indirectly effects, the areas that far from airports such as tourism destinations, shopping centers at remote areas and recreation centers might have economic booms due to easily accessed by flying taxis.

Uber has planned to operate a flying taxi in 2023, about 4 years from now. The charge not so expensive compared to regular taxi, 30% higher. Let say if we paid normal taxi with US$30, then the US$ 39 for flying taxi.

The flying taxi maximum speed is 200 mile per-hour. The flying taxi pick up passengers on roof top of buildings such as shopping centers and car park buildings, and delivers the passenger at the same kind of buildings or other safe spaces.

Taxis bring four passengers and fly above 500 meters of ground. It is need special pilots, but easier than to fly helicopters or smaller airplanes.

Do you think that it is reasonable to have “flying taxi in the crowd cities?” or in your states or in your countries?

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Can We Find a Mexican Food called Nachos in Mexico?

A plate of Nachos

I eat Mexican foods at least once a month. Many Mexican foods sold in my city where I am living, some of them are taco, fajitas, chili con carne, buritos and many more. I am quite surprise just know that taco is Mexican food, but we can’t find it in Mexico.

In case if you don’t know taco, it is a simple dish consists of tortilla chips which covered by cheese, originally as an appetizer or a snack.

However, taco in restaurant could be a menu of tortilla chips combined with beans, jalapenos, onion, cheese, salsa and sour cream. This kind of menu is a main dish to make you full enough.

Then, why we can’t find Nachos in Mexico?

It is because Nachos created by Ignacio Anaya in 1943 with purpose of the menu is to serve to American military family members. Those families came from Military base at Eagle Pass, Texas, USA, just arrived at a restaurant in the city close to Northern border of Mexico.

The food then developed with American taste, widespread all over America. We can find nachos almost everywhere in the cities across USA nowadays. Not in Mexico.

Do you know or have eaten a nachos?

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Have You Ever Tasted a Paria?

Paria from Asian Shop

I visited the Asian shop in my city yesterday. I found several “paria,” “peria” or “pariah in language of South East Asian countries. It is refer to a bitter gourd, a bitter melon or a green gem in English. Some people categorized it as fruit, other said vegetable. I myself prefer to call the vegetable.

The size is not that long, around 12 cm, and weight is less than 1 pound. The color is green, but change to yellow when ripe. The price is quite reasonable in America, US$ 0.99 per-pound. Since I bought three pieces, I paid for US$ 2.71 only.

Length of 3 “paria” in a plate

I read from several literatures, the vegetable is easy to grow in hot and humid areas. Thus, it is possible to grow “paria” during summer in American southern. After sowing the seed, we could harvest “paria” in 60 days. Quite short period.

Eating cooked or boiled “paria” could improve our appetite. It also has good nutritional values, some of them are: dietary fiber, protein, variety of minerals and vitamins. Many people in Japan, Korea and China used “paria” to cure several diseases.

Have you seen a “paria” in the market in your country or anywhere else?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

How Much does it Costs for Cutting a Tree in a Property Area?

A cut down tree

Many reasons to cut down the trees, depend on the areas whether in agriculture landscape or housing locations. Using land for agricultural purposes is one of reasons to cut trees. Other people cut trees for building houses or stores, and even to cook food and heat the house during winter.

Some of my trees are old, big and tall. The trees age might close to 100 years old. The trees also infected by diseases. Leaves, twigs and debris fall both to my and neighbor properties. I am worry that the strong storm could tumble the trees. I cut two of my trees for safety convenient last year.

The cost of cutting a tree is varies between place to place or state to state in the USA, range from US$ 200 to US$ 1500. I ask professionals to cut my trees with cost of US$ 900 for each tree.

How much does it cost to cut a tree in your area, state or country?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

When is Spring Coming? - Nature and Wildlife 5

Magnolia blossom

In northern hemisphere, the starting of spring is based on astronomical calendar on the third week of March. While in Southern hemisphere such as Australia, New Zealand and Argentine is depended on meteorological time, around September.

In the USA very much varies between states, American southern such as in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana or Mississippi as early as February every year. Temperature usually around 50 degree F or 10 degree C. 

A small tree of magnolia

I myself feel spring when temperature reaches above F 55 degree or above C 13 degree. Off course, other people have their own convenient to call as spring temperature or spring weather condition.

In our area, especially in our neighborhood, the sign of spring relate to flowers blooming, one of them is magnolia with scientific name, Magnolia grandiflora. Magnolia blooming means spring is coming. It is around early or middle of February every year.

What is sign of spring in your country or state?

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