Thursday, December 13, 2018

Migration of Pelican from North to American South

Pelican flocks 

Pelican or other birds or other animal migration is routine annual cycle during winter to find warmer paces. The timing may sooner or later depend so much on weather. Snowstorms drive pelican to the south early in November this year.

Pelican or well known as white American pelican lives both in Canada and American north states, include Alberta (Canada) and Wisconsin (USA). The bird is quite big size with wing length reaches to 4 m and weight to 15 kg. 

Due to its size, pelicans able to fly thousand miles to reach American south such as Texas, Louisiana and Florida, and even to far south, Mexico.

Swimming and feeding.

In addition to cold temperature during winter, other reason for pelicans to migrate are finding foods, breeding and finding nursery grounds. Pelicans mainly eat fish called as fish eater bird. They also consume crayfish, and sometimes to eat salamanders and other smaller birds.

During migration in the south, they easily seen in the lake, valley and coastal areas. Pelican lays eggs in the Gulf of Mexico areas. Egg sizes length is 8.5 cm and with 3.5 cm with incubation period is around 1 month (30 days).

The young pelican learns to fly at age 30 days. After 10 weeks, they follow the adults to emigrate to the north, their own habitat. The cycle of migration re-start next coming year. 

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