Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Creating Halloween Decorations for Fun

A doll with pumpkin head

We usually make Halloween decorations at the end of September until second of October every year, but we do little late for this year. We have made not scary things, just dolls and little things with pumpkins for fun purposes. 

Picture on the top is a girl with small pumpkin face and head, blonde hair and sitting on the crafted pumpkin. Dressing looks very simply. The doll are sitting at the corner of indoor house.  

Table decoration

We use plastic pumpkins and autumn maple leaves for Table decoration. As we know that Maple was used to force back the attacks of devil and demon spirits. Now days, maple leaves are symbol of peace, tolerance and unity (especially in Canada).

Decoration is hung at backdoor

The last photo is just decoration, not really special for backdoor. By the way, we do have Jack O Lantern Halloween. 

Happy Halloween to all of you.  

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Canned Boiled Peanuts Sold in the Walmart

Boiled peanuts in the can

I often buy the green peanuts after spring in the farmer markets, then boil them by myself. It is easy, just put the peanuts in the pot of salted water. Then, waiting for several hours (around 2 to 3 hours) to make cooked and soft peanuts. 

After September until next coming Spring, no selling of raw peanuts in my city. Some seafood groceries sell the cooked ones, but too salty for me, and it is also quite expensive price. Instead, I love to cook the peanuts by my own way. 

However, I sometimes buy the boiled peanuts in the can that sold in Walmart grocery. Uniquely, there are variety of flavors include Cajun, and Hot & Spicy. These are American Southern flavors and tastes. I always choose Hot and spicy flavors. 

I often buy 13.5 ounce can size. The other sizes are the 27 ounce cans and the biggest of 6 pound cans. The price is quite reasonable compared to raw ones. In addition, that we do not need to boil them for several hours. 

It is true that I never eat immediately from cans but microwave them for no more than 15 minutes to make peanuts to be softer and yummy. Just try it. 

Some nutritionists said that canned peanuts are healthier than raw or dry or roasted peanuts, it is because canned peanuts have lower fat and calories. Higher nutrients of canned peanuts could maintain healthy cells due to oxidations.

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