Sunday, May 13, 2018

Studying Art History?

Painting from old time (

Art is a piece of work based on internal hopes, wishes, dreams and feelings with outside world. Piece of work may be created on chosen medium. Since, it has medium, thus work of art could be seen (with naked eye), “smell” and even be touched by ours hands.
In addition, art is work of beauty too, thus, we can feel and interpret that piece of work. As an example, since a painting could be touched (its medium), then, may be feel and interpret its beauty. Interpretation could be far cross time limit (hundred years ago or “travel” to the future time)
My weakness in study art history is difficulty to understand the meaning of piece of art in context of history. I need to read over and over to understand history context of piece of art such as statue of Gudea in Neo-Sumerian culture, and statue of Memi and Sabu that found in the nonroyal cemeteries surrounding the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) at Giza, Egypt.
My strength is that I never giving up, even when I know its not really working, I will go back at it, time and time again until I am happy (satisfy). I need to read several articles, include Wikipedia (even though not reliable resource, but at least give some ideas) to understand history context of statues of Gudea, and Memi and Sebu. 
Finally, I believe that It is challenging to study art history without history background and art skill (especially to whom have no talent in art). However, the difficulty could be overcome step by step with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

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