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Masculine of Millennial Men - Social Psychology 2

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Modern masculinity is quite different with old day ones. Millennial men chose going to Yoga rather than fishing, and choosing a green juice rather than a beer. The young men, aged 18 to 29 were surveyed. The result showed that lees than 30% feel they are “completely masculine.”

However, 65%, more than twice that baby boomer generations feel they are “completely masculine.” Masculinity of older generation that men must not reveal their vulnerability, sensitivity and emotional feeling.

Reasons Change
Schroeder (2017), based on her interviewed with Alex Rodriguez, a TEDx speaker and influencer who has 100 Million online viewers, suggested 7 reasons younger men change their view of masculinity.

The reasons include younger generations should know themselves at personal level. This lead to own authentically; Millennial men are not threatened by increasing of women role in society; They do not like to look better than others by un-necessary competition; They shown who they are, inside and outside without shame; They show their courage by showing their vulnerability; The honor is commitment to themselves; and they always looking for new ways to grow.

Pro-active is keywords by attending educations for better future life. Joining groups either hobby or professional one are also important, especially to build network.

To be a Man
Based on film “The Mask You Live In” (Newsom, Congdon and Newsom, 2015) that young generations of America struggle to show who they are in the context of masculinity. There are many words to show what is mean to be masculine in America society, some of them are don’t cry, man up, grow some ball and be a man.

Unfortunately, the film showed that the ideal “old” way to be a man is damaging. To prove this, the film shows the experience of men from quite different background, where ideal of to be a man influenced their live.

The statistical data also provided by film. When they are growing up, the boys lose their “intimacy” to their peers, fathers, siblings, and even to other children. It is because “intimacy” is relate to the females, not males. Intimacy together with other characters such as compassion, and empathy are fundamental characters of health in human mentality.

Unluckily, adults (men) in America are disconnect with these important characters. Moreover, the film reveals that more than 3 boys commit suicide every single day. It is logical, because to be “masculine” boys are so depressing. Finally, the film showed the masculinity as define by American society (cultures) impacted negatively on boys and male, then, harming society. Thus, shift should be done for better future generations.     

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Teenagers Drugs Overdoses - Social Psychology 1

Illustration (Statistic from US National Center for Health)

Excessive use of drugs (drugs overdose) leads to death has been at alarming rate, and even getting worse in recent day in the USA.  The increasing rate of overdoses death is higher in female compared to male teenagers. 35% to female from 2013 to 2015, while the increasing is less than a half (15%) to male in the year of 2014 to 2015.

Overdoses and Number
The modern time of American parents face with their children problems that include driving, suicide epidemic, alcohol and drug abuses. It is a kind of “teen-parent conflict” as said by Coontz (1997, p.7-8).

Drugs overdose are including heroin, and unoriginal (contaminated) heroin. In term of number, as reported by Dotinga (2017) that male much more death than female due to drug overdoses.  Teenagers of age between 15 to 19 had 772 total death in 2015, they are 300 females, and 500 males.

They mainly consumed heroin at excessive amount. Other drugs that caused fatally overdoses death are fentanyl and various prescription pills such as painkillers pills. Opioid has evolved to different kind of product that caused people to be more addiction, drug dependent, and off course more dangerous.

Change Way of Life?
The parent shock that their young children out of control in some respects. There are changes in teenagers’ way of life, especially transition between child to teen, and then from teen to adult.

Yes, there are increase in suicide rate and drugs abuses, but surprisingly that teens do not involve in violent at higher rate compared to adults. Teens are not criminal, and not as victims like adults.

In fact, in case of suicide rate that involve their parents, teachers, school administrations, counselors and psychologists are much higher rate than teenagers. Even parents and teachers twice than teenagers in term of suicide rate. Thus, not blame to teen only. The problems not only created by teenagers, but also their parents and society in the larger extend.

The important question is how to reduce drug overdoses on teenagers? The answer is by prevention and treatment methods. The prevention should be done by government policies through president and congress. Government should see the drugs overdoses as national crisis.

One of the treatments is by introducing of “methadone-like” pills. This pill is function as to wean the teenagers or whoever off opioids overdoses.

Finally, government, parents, teachers and community should cooperate and help each other to formulate a kind of policies or attitudes in order to solve teenager wrongdoing behaviors such as drug overdoses.

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Egg Boasts a Fat Fighting Substance

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An Egg (


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