Saturday, September 19, 2020

Have you Tasted Plant Protein Products? - Health and Medicine 15

Four count Cheese burgers in the pack

Veggie products seem quite popular recently. Morningstar Farm, part of Kellog company is one of companies to supply market with this kind of product.

We may find vegetarian relate products easily, a lot in super centers such as Walmart and many groceries sell them.

Some burgers which we saw in groceries are:

- Grillers prime

- Spicy bean burgers

- Mediterranean chickpea burgers

- Basil Pizza burgers

- Meat lovers vegan burgers

- Falafel burgers

- Cheezeburgers 

Four cooked patties are ready to oven or microwave

Just for try, we bought burgers called as Cheezeburgers. There are 4 counts of burger slices (four cooked patties) in the package.

We may heat up the cooked patties either by microwave or oven or grill. It take several minutes only.

Burger with vegetables

The some main ingredients of burgers are:

- vegetables

- soy flour

- egg whites

- whole grain oats

- vegetable oil

- green and red bell peppers

- cooked brown rice

Is this kind of burger healthy? If you are in diet, burger contains with whole grains, legumes, vegetable and plant protein is good for you.

However, many people concern with high processing products. Thus, this kind of product might be not good enough for you.

Have you tried Vegan burger? What do you think? 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Can Parkinson’s Diseases Spread? - Parkinson’s Diseases 15

View of my neighborhood, just for illustration.

Spreading of Parkinson’s Diseases is not between patients to patients, but what I mean is deadly spreading among neuron cells in the brain.

Just to remind you that neuron cells have been mentioned in the previous posting:

How Neuron Cells Affect on Parkinson’s Diseases? - Parkinson’s Diseases 2

It is said spreading of infection is through “channels” between neuron (nerve) cells, from one infected cell to other healthy cells.

How is the process of spreading diseases?

First, channels, very small channels are created by protein called as connexins (Cx).

The Cx is also known as “gap junction proteins,” because its function to form intercellular connection between cell types.

A small vase at the corner, just for illustration.

Moreover, the harmful protein called as α-synuclein. This is a pathogen can harmful to cells, neuron cells in this case, and cause cell dead eventually.

After cells dead, the α-synuclein moves through tiny channels (intercellular connection) to healthy nerve cells.

The process of killing nerve cells is continue to cause spreading dead cells in the brain that responsible to Parkinson’s Diseases.

Hope, by understanding the roles of connexins (Cx) and α-synuclein, and know the process of spreading diseases in the brain, then:

- the scientists will be able to create medicines or methods to prevent or cure Parkinson’s Diseases in the near future.

Friday, September 11, 2020

A Baby Squirrel on the Neighborhood Yard - Nature and Wildlife 18

Just a newborn baby squirrel, found on the yard

Each house in our neighborhood has yards with some trees, big and small, old and new trees. Species include oak, magnolia, cypress, crape myrtles, sugar maple, hollies and pines.

These yards and trees attract a lot of wildlife, both dangerous and friendly. Few of them are:

- squirrels

- turtles

- snakes

- otters

- raccoon

- rabbit

- coyotes

- birds (permanent and immigrant birds)

Another baby squirrel, just for illustration

Some wild animals have been posted in this blog:

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We found a new born squirrel on a yard recently. We guessed about several days old. She looks very weak.

It is said that Pedialyte milk or puppy milk is good for baby squirrels. After a while (several weeks), squirrels can feed their own natural foods:

- fruits

- nuts

- seeds

Have you ever seen a baby squirrel? How old?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ornamental Fish for Pond in the Garden – Economics 5

Colorful of fish in the pond at garden corner

Having a small pond with ornamental fish at the corner of garden is trending now days, and more attractive during this pandemic.

People love to have Koi as a pond pet with multiple reasons. Koi is believed to have myth and art value.

Fish brings good luck, many spiritual advantages, tolerant to water quality and friendly. Koi may feed on our hands.

There are many kinds of ornamental fish, and could survive in outdoor during winter. They include:

- Goldfish

- Archerfish

- Pumpkinseeds

- Crappie

- Pumpkinseeds fish

Fish swimming in the pond

Ornamental fish tend to grow both in the global and USA market recently. The market value reached US$ 5 billion in the last couple years ago.

Demand for ornamental fish is increasing due to many factors, some are:

- fish behaviors are attractive

- exotic species with beautiful colors

- psychological benefits such as reduce stress.

About 68% of American household have a pet. In term of number, households have about 116 million pets.

What kind of pets they have? Here are:

- fish

- birds

- reptiles

- small animals.

Interestingly, 7.2 million American households have fish as their pet.

Do you have pets? What pets do you love?

Friday, September 4, 2020

What is the Colon Cancer? - Cancer 5

A cat is sitting nicely, illustration only.

You might follow the mainstream medias, the Black Panther film star, Chadwick Boseman, 43 years old has dead due to colon cancer recently.

Statistic shown that 53,000 death of colon cancer in the USA every year, men slightly more than women.

This cancer starts in the colon, large intestine of final digestive tract. Cancer usually affect on older, but sometime to younger as well.

The risk factors include:

- smoking

- obese

- not active physically

- age

- drink alcohol too much

- certain ethnic (genetic)

Nice looking cat for illustration only.

Colon cancer is considered as dangerous cancer, the second rank after lung cancer in term of dead number in the USA in recent years.

Top 5 deadliest cancers in America with estimated death are following:

- lung cancer, 143,000 dead per year

- colon cancer, 53,000 dead per year.

- pancreatic cancer, 46,000 dead per year.

- breast cancer, 42,000 dead per year

- bladder cancer, 18,000 dead per year

It is reported that colon cancer could be treated and cured in case if its found in certain part of colon or rectal and at early stage. Cure reaches about 50% of survival rate so far.

Hope, effective methods in colon cancer treatments and curability could be improved to increase survival rate and reduce mortality rate in the near future.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Little Baby Bluebird Fell Out of Its Nest - Nature and Wildlife 17


A baby bird confuses after fell down

Based on their color (combination), we know three kinds of bluebirds in North America. They are:

- Eastern bluebird, the breast colors are reddish brown

- Western bluebird, from breast to upper back has rust orange color.

- Mountain bluebird, entirely blue color

Blue birds are migratory birds, they move from North to South of America during winter, but Eastern bluebird is a local bird in Southern states.

Since we are in summer season, thus we guessed that the Eastern bluebird have lived in our areas.

It is said that bluebird has a very nice song, a pleasant musical song. There are many birds with different songs in my backyard. We are happy to listen the songs in the morning during Spring to Summer.

A little bird tried to find out a way to back to its nest

In my state, we may find Eastern bluebird in many areas such as:

- parks

- fields

- golf courses

- woodlands

- cemeteries.

In our neighborhood, the birds may made their nest in holes of dead trees (usually in oak or pine tress). The holes are woodpecker holes.

The birds have 2 to 3 eggs in the nest a year. After a while, they may use artificial nests or nestbox in our backyard.

About a week ago, we saw a little baby Bluebird fell out of Its nest, natural nest, above 50 feet (15 m) from ground.

Luckily, the baby fell on our back fences. Her mother flied around to save her baby.

Do you like bluebirds? Do you like its colors or song?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Shrimp Sold by Local Groceries - Economics 4


fig-01- Large size shrimp

We have several groceries in our neighborhood to sell fresh sea foods, caught by local fishermen:

- crabs

- shrimp

- fish

- mollusks

When we bought shrimp couple days ago, seller said that they come from Gulf of Mexico, American parts.

Shrimps from Gulf of Mexico have 3 different colors:

- white

- pink

- brown

fig-02- Small size shrimp

Shrimp prize depend on size (large, medium or small) or count (number of shrimp per pound):

- US$ 9.99 per pound for shrimp with 9 – 12 count.

- US$ 7.99 per pound for shrimp with 10 – 15 count.

- US$ 5.99 per pound for shrimp with 16 – 20 count

Fig-03- Medium size shrimp

Shrimp landing about 100 millions pound at previous years, but less than 30% in recent years. The size of shrimp getting smaller as well.

Less landing due to some factors such as:

- Lower fishing activities due to lower price of import shrimp

- Flooding rains from nearby river

Unfortunately, illegal import with lower quality such as using of antibiotic and certain chemical substances is increasing without control.

Law enforcement seem lack of resources to check illegal foreign shrimps. Thus, consumers need to rely on basic information before buying somethings.

It is important to know where our seafood come from and quality of what of food will we consume.

Buy local, help neighbors.

Have you Tasted Plant Protein Products? - Health and Medicine 15

Four count Cheese burgers in the pack Veggie products seem quite popular recently. Morningstar Farm, part of Kellog company is one of co...