Friday, February 26, 2021

Can Virus Cause Parkinson’s? - Parkinson’s Diseases 24

Trees at backyard, just for illustration

Yes, several virus and pathogens may enter our brain system as reported by many researchers, one of them was published in Acta Virol (2017); 61 (4): 393-400.

The virus invaded our brain by mechanism called as:

- paracellular

- transcellular

- "Trojan horse" pathway

Virus which are able to infect human brain system include:

- herpes simplex virus

- influenza virus

- parainfluenza virus

- reovirus

- lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

- arbovirus

- cytomegalovirus

Fall leaves, just for illustration

Actually, there are long list of other kinds of virus which are able to infect our brain system.

The question, are there any virus can enter the brain and then cause neuro degenerative diseases?

Simple answer is yes.

Some well known neuro degenerative diseases and may cause disability to patients are:

- Parkinson's disease.

- multiple sclerosis.

- Huntington's disease.

- muscular dystrophy.

- Alzheimer’s diseases.

Science (2009) reported that there is link between H5N1 virus, caused bird influenza with Parkinson’s diseases.

As supporting prove that H5N1 virus destroyed mice’s neurons which release dopamine.

This kind of dopamine’s neuron is very much decreasing in human with “Parkinson’s diseases.”

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Take care!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Do you Know about a Siamese Cat? - Pet and Hobby 17

Siamese cat on the grass

Some of my neighbors have Siamese cat breeding. The reason to have this breeding because of its typical appearance, and tend to good look, among other reasons.

Siamese is included as the oldest breeding known. Other oldest cat breeding are following:

- Maine coon cat, USA breeding

- Turkish Angora cat, from Turkey

- Chartreux cat, France’s breeding

- Egyptian Mau cat

- Norwegian Forest Cat.

The interesting for me that the coat colors of Siamese depend on at least two factors:

- genetics

- temperature

Why gene and temperature could change Siamese’s cat color?

Indoor Siamese cat

It is because the cat has a gene known as CS gene to regulate colors:

- when temperature lower (Fall and Winter seasons), cat to be darker.

- on the opposite temperature (Spring and Summer seasons), cats tend to have lighter color.

In fact, we may find plenty colors of Siamese cats. Just for examples of dissimilarity colors:

- brown

- blue

- lilac colored

- silver-gray

- orange

- cream

Do you know about Siamese cats? What do you think?

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Thailand has Developed Own Vaccine - Science and Technology 6

Thailand vaccine research center (credit to CNA)

We knew four countries only are success to develop Covid 19 vaccines so far, and their products are available in the market:

- UK with AstraZenica vaccine

- USA with Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna vaccines

- Russian with Sputnik V vaccine

- China with Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines

Now, Thailand, a developing country from South East Asia region has developed own Covid 19 vaccine.

Vaccine called as “ChulaCov19” initiated by scientists from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

They use mRNA technology, the same technique used by American vaccines, Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna.

Thailand researchers inoculated the vaccine to mice and monkeys, the results are fruiting. Two injections of vaccine are able to halt clinical symptoms of virus.

What next steps?

Frozen tree’s branches, just illustration

Chulalongkorn University will start the human clinical trials as soon as possible, but no later than April 2021.

Two doses of vaccine will be injected within periods of 3 weeks apart. Two phases of human clinical trials are:

- 75 volunteers at the first phase

- 300 to 600 volunteers at the second phase.

Then, the results will be reviewed by relevant authorities to decide for further steps.

If everything goes well, Thailand will produce 5 million doses of homegrown vaccine at the end of this year, and 20 million doses per year afterward.

Thailand will accomplish three goals:

- self dependent on vaccine supply

- saving import cost of foreign vaccines

- ready to fight future pandemic, include new variants of Covid 19 virus.

Hope, other countries follow Thailand steps to develop their own vaccines to fight Covid 19 pandemic. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Signs of Become a Foster Parent


A sign from NYAP organization

I saw many signs to whoever wish to become a foster parent in public places in my city since beginning of Covid 19 pandemic.

Just wonder, then I searched through internet. The results are quite surprising for me.

There are several types of “foster parents” based on my own conclusion. Here are 3 of them:

1) A foster parent of a chosen kid from around the globe.

- a kid stays in his or her own parents of his/her own country.

- a foster parent must donate monthly. Donations from tens bug to hundreds US dollars.

2) A real foster parent

- a kid or kids stay in foster parent home for temporary or permanently.

- temporary means a kid stay a while until he or she find his or her own blood relatives or “right or appropriate foster parents.”

- permanent means kids may stay at foster parents home as long as they wish.

Another sign of seeking foster parents

3. Paid foster parents

- fulfill requirement from relevant agencies in each states

- get training for 4 months

- get monthly pay (reimbursements)

- monthly reimbursements are varies from state to state, range from US$ 79 to US$ 840

Do you know about type of foster parents in your places?

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Are Using Double Masks Better? - Science and Technology 5

Double masks (credit to The Cut)

There are many single layer face mask available in the market, but their filtration levels are varies.

Study from Wake Forest Baptist Health published in Triad Business Journal (2020) showed efficiency rate of 3 different mask materials:

- 97% efficiency for N95 mask

- 79% for homemade mask (cloth mask)

- 65% efficiency for surgical mask.

You may read, watching or listening the news from mainstream medias recently that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

- encourages people to wear a good, properly fitted masks.

- recommends to use double masks

Double masks will increase filtration level and efficiency rate, hence will protect against corona virus, original strain and even to new strains.

Moreover, as far as I knew, Chinese people using multi layers face mask to protect them from Corona virus infection since beginning of pandemic.

Our neighborhood, just for illustration

In addition to double masks, Chinese has practiced social distance and lock down strictly.

Data from The New York Times as of February 11, 2021 that infection rate and mortality rate in China is lower compared to USA:

- total cases 89,734 and death 4,636 in the China

- total cases 27.4 Million and death 473,000 in the USA.

Double masks of homemade masks (cloth mask) can improve efficiency rate from 79% to 95%.

What do you think about double masks? 

Friday, February 12, 2021

The breeding Season of Gulls - Nature and Wildlife 28

Gulls fly over the lake

A couple months ago, when we walked around our city lake, we met almost no people, but migration birds sitting on the lake’s surface.

We saw a lot of people and birds, especially gulls, they flew over the lake in quite large numbers in our recent visit. It seems that kids happily gave them extra foods.

Gulls are cosmopolitan birds, can be found in many parts of the world, but almost not exist in the jungles, deserts and mountains.

We might know that gulls abundance in the coastal areas or in quiet islands. However, they also live in areas such as:

- urban areas

- suburban areas

- parking lots

- agricultural fields

- rivers

- lakes

Few birds catch the food on the water surface.

As reported by Melissa Mayntz in the Spruce (2019) that there are 50 species of gull in the world.

Gulls frequently visit our city lake, they are at least 6 species from small to moderate to great numbers at certain seasons:

- Ring billed gull

- Herring gull

- Bonaparte’s gull

- Lesser black backed gull

- Laughing gull

- Franklin’s gull

Most winter gulls migrate from Northern to mainly in Southern states of USA, and even to Mexico.

Then, the birds mating as early as February, and followed by breeding seasons in the southern states.

A female has 2 to 4 eggs, hatching after 25 days. The little gulls are able to fly after 5 weeks.

At the ages of 7 weeks old, the gulls are independent, and ready to back to North.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Do you Love Indoor Plants? - Pet and Hobby 16


Fig 01- Succulent plants in the 3 Pots

We might know a lot of houseplants good for indoor. Several purposes of indoor plants:

- decorative

- lower noise

- make room healthier

- psychological effects (improve comfort, reduce stress, feel calmer).

Plenty houseplants are sold in the markets from cheap to expensive ones, the sample of favorite plants are:

- snake plants

- Pothos

- Dracaena

- Spider Plant

- ZZ Plant

- Aloe Vera

- Anthurium

Fig 02- Indoor plants in the pots


Almost all indoor plants are succulent family members. Because they have advantages compared to other plants

Fig 03- Plants grow well in the pot.

Several advantages of succulent plants are:

- low maintenance

- require little watering

- need little pruning

- can live with little light.

- able to purify the air

- increasing fresh oxygen

- improve the humidity

For me, the main reasons to have succulents are:

- their ability to purify the room air

- increasing oxygen in the house

- improve the humidity

Do you have indoor plants? What plant types? Why?

Can Virus Cause Parkinson’s? - Parkinson’s Diseases 24

Trees at backyard, just for illustration Yes, several virus and pathogens may enter our brain system as reported by many researchers, one o...